10 Animals That Absolutely HATE Each Other!

  • Published on:  5/2/2020
  • From humpbacks vs orcas to lions vs. hyenas, here are 10 of the fiercest rivalries in the animal kingdom!

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    10. Polar Bear vs. Walrus
    With the heaviest polar bear coming in at only half the size of a walrus, you might think the tusked and flippered walrus would come out on top. The truth is polar bears are the ones who prey on walruses. But how do they do it? When walruses come ashore to rest, polar bears often plot an attack, chasing them back into the sea. Doing this repeatedly is a way to separate the weaker and older walruses from the bunch.

    9. Mongoose Vs. Snake
    While the mongoose might look cute and cuddly (sometimes), it takes a lot of grit to take on a venomous snake!! This long-bodied, bushy-tailed animal is a carnivore and one of their greatest rivals is the cobra.

    8. Shark vs. Dolphin
    There are many stories of dolphins saving humans from sharks. These two do not get along. Dolphins vs. Sharks seems to come down to brain vs. brawn. Very few shark attacks on dolphins have been observed but researchers from the Dolphin Communication Project in the Bahamas have been studying the shark bite scars on dolphins. Tiger sharks and bull sharks seem to be the main culprits, with the youngest dolphins having the most marks. So sharks appear to target the calves.

    7. Crocodile vs Hippo
    One of the most ferocious rivalries in nature is the one between the crocodile and the hippopotamus. Both are dangerous and powerful animals that are highly territorial. Let’s look at hippos first. Hippos are considered the most dangerous animal in Africa, more than sharks and snakes, since people often come into contact with them in the rivers as they are fishing and washing clothes.

    6. Hornets vs. Bees
    The Japanese giant hornet is pretty scary! It is a very large insect, with adults reaching to almost 2 inches (4 cm) long and a wingspan of about 2.5 inches (6 cm). This hornet has a painful sting and can sting repeatedly, with its venom affecting our nervous system and tissue. These big guys go out to find honey bees which they will then kill and dismember, like a viking raid, and bring back their plunder of bee thoraxes and honey to feed their larvae.

    5. Lion vs Hyena
    Lions and hyenas have been fighting for thousands of years.. A lion can take on a hyena for sure, but not a clan of 25 or more of them! In 2015 and 2016, there was a harsh drought that allowed hyenas to become even more dominant in the African bush. Because both species live in the same areas and depend on the same prey for food, it’s no surprise that these territorial animals can get aggressive. Everybody is hungry.

    4. Meerkats vs. Birds of Prey
    Found in the deserts of Africa, meerkats are a carnivorous member of the mongoose family. A small mammal that is known to live and work in groups, meerkats use an extensive and intricate burrow system to move around, which is probably a good thing. It helps keep them safe from predators, including various birds of prey, like hawks and eagles, who like to snatch them off the ground.

    3. Cougar vs. Wolves and Bears
    Cougars are native to North and South America. The second largest cat in North America, the cougar is also known as a puma, mountain lion or panther. Skilled hunters, they will attack all sorts of animals, hiding the carcass after the kill and eating it over the course of a few days.

    2. Zebras vs. Big Cats
    African zebras are known for their ability to run between 30 and 40 miles per hour, which comes in handy when being chased by one of their many rivals in the animal kingdom. Everyone from lions to leopards to cheetahs all have it out for them. And big cats are powerful predators, with the ability to maul their prey and crush necks with a suffocating bite.

    1. Humpback Whales vs. Orcas
    Scientist Robert Pitman was on a research expedition in 2009 sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and he spotted a very strange sight. After seeing a lone seal on an ice floe being circled by killer whales, he noticed that somebody else was there: a pair of humpbacks were swimming between the seal and the orcas, vocalizing and churning the water up in an attempt to shield the seal and eventually chase the orcas away.