NC city hit hard by Hurricane Florence



  • wendy song
    wendy song 11 months ago+1098

    These rescuers are risking their lives trying to save those who were given warnings in advanced to leave. 😑

  • ItzLoopi
    ItzLoopi 11 months ago+502

    Imagine being named F L O R E N C E

  • Mia Anne
    Mia Anne 11 months ago+19

    please evacuate beforehand and don't leave your pets!

  • Valjermayne
    Valjermayne 11 months ago+67

    ALL my prayers goes to all of yaa God bless and keep u all safe amin

  • TheFaze
    TheFaze 11 months ago+7

    Bring some of that water over to California! Help a brother state out!

  • PlayStation Guy85
    PlayStation Guy85 11 months ago+1624

    I'm only a few minutes down the road from Wilmington and Hampstead it's really bad here my prayers go out to that woman's family for their loss

  • Ingrid Smith Green
    Ingrid Smith Green 11 months ago+11

    God bless the people going through this right now

  • Getabuck Miles
    Getabuck Miles 11 months ago+25

    Do u think I will have school on Monday if I live in Greensboro

  • Kyotosomo
    Kyotosomo 11 months ago+37

    Less people gonna be naming their kids Florence this year.

  • TheHonestBeautyReview
    TheHonestBeautyReview 11 months ago+14

    Prayers for NC 🙏🏻

    SAK- SOON 11 months ago+321

    When you are told to evacuate, evacuate. Even if you THINK it's okay to stay, just do it.

  • Chief Yoshi
    Chief Yoshi 11 months ago+259

    And some random person making Obama laugh is more important than a deadly storm that is causing lots of damage and threading the life of others. What has the world become???

  • Dutchy
    Dutchy 11 months ago+2

    Mr.Trump,hurricane Florence is causing trouble, what to do?
    TRUMP SAYING; Offer her same deal as Stormy Daniels.

  • atijus btsloyalarmy
    atijus btsloyalarmy 11 months ago+6

    My prayers 🙏🙏🙏 🙇🙇🙇..
    From Nepal

  • Slice of Space
    Slice of Space 11 months ago+1

    I live in NC and all I've gotten over the past two days is rain. 😶
    Lol I just got an emergency alert as I was typing that...

  • flowers
    flowers 11 months ago+75

    Imma quote a meme I saw a few years back “why y’all naming hurricanes stuff like Katrina or Megan name it DeathMegatron6000 and maybe people will start evacuating”

  • starvalentinobeatz
    starvalentinobeatz 11 months ago+1

    All you people making jokes,
    Yall need a new hobby....

  • jacqueline f
    jacqueline f 11 months ago+1

    i live 2 hrs away god bless wilmington😭😭🙏💖

  • Cajun Bratt
    Cajun Bratt 11 months ago+2

    Universal prayers to everyone affected. I am so sorry for what you guys are having to go through.

  • rosegoldbb
    rosegoldbb 11 months ago+1

    When this happen in Los Angeles
    Alllll the homeless ppl will be washed towards the I.E 🤦‍♀️🤫😮😵