NC city hit hard by Hurricane Florence



  • wendy song 10 months ago

    These rescuers are risking their lives trying to save those who were given warnings in advanced to leave. 😑

  • @David V. If you carpooled, shared rooms, food etc.... Traffic would be less intense, less homes would have People left and Maybe food be a little more for everybody. We do that here in Mexico when we have a hurricane, we are not selfish bastards.

  • ItzLoopi 10 months ago

    Imagine being named F L O R E N C E

  • Lilly S 8 months ago

    Imagine that

  • Mia Anne 10 months ago

    please evacuate beforehand and don't leave your pets!

  • CookedCream 10 months ago

    What did the hurricane say to the other hurricane? I have my eye on you.

  • flickering light 8 months ago

    I read this in Bart's voice 😐

  • Lilly S 8 months ago


  • Valjermayne 10 months ago

    ALL my prayers goes to all of yaa God bless and keep u all safe amin

  • Denise Berry 10 months ago

    @Valjermayne u have an interesting channel. I'll be checking it out.🙋greetings from nc.

  • tony a 10 months ago

    @Pepe the bane In arabic and some other languages it is "amin" not "amen" lol dumbass

  • PlayStation Guy85 10 months ago

    I'm only a few minutes down the road from Wilmington and Hampstead it's really bad here my prayers go out to that woman's family for their loss

  • TheFaze 10 months ago

    Bring some of that water over to California! Help a brother state out!

  • Yasmin Anaya 10 months ago

    No ur ganna scare me 😟

  • Ingrid Smith Green 10 months ago

    God bless the people going through this right now

  • Taurus Girl 10 months ago

    Thank you <3

  • Denise Berry 10 months ago

    Thank you.

  • Getabuck Miles 10 months ago

    Do u think I will have school on Monday if I live in Greensboro

  • Nabila Blal 10 months ago


  • Laughing Octopus 10 months ago

    lol, Jesus Christ..

  • Kyotosomo 10 months ago

    Less people gonna be naming their kids Florence this year.

  • Sherine Robinson 9 months ago

    @xx epic gamer JORDAN xx why are you being like that anyway the storm can come your way your just toooooo extra thATS rude anyway florence is a name ridiculous ha ur extrA dumb.

  • Sherine Robinson 9 months ago

    ha Kyotosomo