15 WORST Piggy Characters That Should Never Be in PIGGY in Roblox

  • Published on:  6/22/2020
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    15 WORST Piggy Characters That Should Never Be in PIGGY in Roblox! These Piggy characters should NEVER be added to Piggy in Roblox! Piggy custom characters from Giant Piggy, Tall Piggy, Upside Down Piggy, Snake Piggy and more! What do you think of these Piggy Character updates?
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    Upside Down Piggy (piggy but upside down)
    Twenty-Three Headed Piggy (piggy with 23 heads)
    Snake Piggy (snake with a piggy head)
    Tall Piggy (piggy too tall to get anywhere, like stoopid tall)
    Wide Piggy (super wide piggy, too wide to get anywhere)
    Giant Piggy (super huge piggy, too huge to get anywhere)
    Mini-Piggies (bunch of mini piggies stood on top of each other)
    Cute Piggy (can’t kill anyone)
    Helpful Piggy (helps you escape)
    Self-Destruct Piggy (blows up whenever a player comes close)
    Key Piggy (unlocks every door they come close to)
    Locked Door Piggy (can’t open doors at all)
    Camping Piggy (able to camp, can’t be knocked out, can even go through the exit)
    Crouch Piggy (can crouch through vents)
    Crawl Piggy (can’t stand up, can only crawl)
    Sprint Piggy (always sprinting, goes way quicker than everyone else)
    Leap Piggy (can jump super high and super far, makes it difficult for players)
    Infinite Trap Piggy (has infinite traps)
    Scaredy Bot (piggy that runs away from you)
    No Warmup Piggy (piggy without that warm-up room)

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