A Couple With Totally Different Styles Gets A SURPRISE Room Makeover!!

  • Published on:  8/16/2018
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  • Mr. Kate 11 months ago

    They say opposites attract but it’s a while other story when you’re designing a room! THIS was a challenge! How did we do my #creativeweirdos? Love you!!!!!

  • Original. lottiekinsx 1 months ago


  • Cupcakes For life 4 months ago

    You guys did AMAZING!

  • Rachel Rolison 11 months ago

    *every time I watch these it makes me want to redo my entire home...and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not...* 🙃😂😂

  • Stephanie _ 8 months ago

    same here, I’m currently making a binder of pictures/ideas of things I need to buy because I’m redoing my house

  • Summer Taylor 10 months ago

    i just came back from holiday to find my house completely done up

  • rachel 10 months ago

    This was lovely but they didn’t take in the mans style much.

  • Christine Noke 10 days ago

    I thought they did, lots of industrial look in there, loved it. But I'm not a fan of industrial so a little is a lot too me.

  • miriana cat fan 2 months ago


  • Kayla Jane 11 months ago

    Anyone else feel like this was all mid-century/glam with like a tiny touch of industrial? There were like 3 industrial things and thy all had a glam twist on them and the rest was mid-century/glam. Pretty disappointed 😕

  • Ballbabywv 1 months ago

    Exactly what I thought! I was thinking more 50% Mid century, 40% Glam, and 10% Industrial.

  • Unicorn Cat 7 months ago

    It was i was thinking the same thing at least he still loves it tho 🙂

  • Amarl1.D0wn 10 months ago

    I kinda liked the cork painting without the white paint. It added more industrial effect. Because let’s be honest, there was hardly any industrial in this room 😐 I’m a bit disappointed 😕

  • agenderemryspaperart 3 months ago

    I was thinking the same - a sheer gold paint that allowed the wine cork print to still show through would have been a much cooler blend of the two styles.

  • Hafsa Mohammed 10 months ago

    This doesn't really seem like an equal fusion of both their styles. Even the wall, which was supposed to be "industrial" had more of his girlfriend's style. The room was of course beautifully done, but I don't think you nailed the main objective: to have 50% glam and 50% industrial style incorporated in the room.*Edit: 40% industrial, 40% mid-century, and 20% glam. Although I still don't think they had enough industrial

  • methosimortal 5 months ago

    I agree. There wasn't much industrial in that room to be honest. I think they should have just left the wine rack in wood and just added more "glam" touches. it looks great, of course.

  • Jaclyn Pascale 11 months ago

    You should totally give Shane Dawson a makeover!!!! 😊

  • Markiza 10 months ago

    YES! Give Ryland the palace he deserves!!! Oh they would love it!

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    I wish they'd left the corks natural, instead of painting them. It looked so cool!😑

  • Alyssa Novella 10 months ago

    Perfect 50/50 they said.It would be industrial they said.All white room she said.

  • Sarah Adamou 11 months ago

    Mr. Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again you totally nailed it, but can I just say: I was so so happy too see you have tech protect on your glasses!! (I work at an eye Dr's office) those frames are an adorable accessory but I'm so happy they are actually protecting your eyes from harmful blue lights!! Maybe others will notice and follow your example! It's so important to protect your eyes. Once again, love your work. 😘

  • human 2 months ago

    How can you tell??

  • Nyra 11 months ago

    Same!! 😂 im an optician and it makes me ITCH when people wont accept ho much they need anti-reflective coating with a good blue light blocker!