12 Los Angeles Restaurants To Order Takeout From While Social Distancing

  • Published on:  3/22/2020
  • In an effort to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, state governments are declaring mandates to close bars and restaurants except for pickup or delivery orders. Los Angeles is now one of several states with these restrictions, which are already affecting local business. Here is a small but comprehensive list of 12 small business restaurants that you can order pickup or delivery from.

    For more, visit:
    Moo's Craft Barbecue https://www.instagram.com/mooscraftbarbecue/
    Employees Only https://www.instagram.com/employeesonlyla/
    Guerilla Tacos https://www.instagram.com/guerillatacos/
    Sonoratown https://www.instagram.com/sonoratownla/
    Konbi https://www.instagram.com/konbi/
    RiceBox https://www.instagram.com/riceboxla
    Crossroads Kitchen https://www.instagram.com/crossroadskitchen/
    Slab https://www.instagram.com/slab/
    Primo's https://www.instagram.com/primosdonutsla/
    Tsujita https://www.instagram.com/tsujitala/
    Tacos 1986 https://www.instagram.com/tacos1986la/
    Pie n' Burger https://www.instagram.com/thepienburger/



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    12 Los Angeles Restaurants To Order Takeout From While Social Distancing