All Knowing Among The Unknown

  • Published on:  2/17/2020
  • We Know Nothing...

    5 Mysterious Anomalies & Individuals That Science Can't Explain

    This is where my hope is... people starting to talk systemic root level problems not identity and party politics wasting everyones times with rob peter to pay paul narcissim. We face extiontion, ignore egoism.

    On Contact: Fierce, loving resistance with Lisa Fithian


    The Man From Taured

    Parallel Universe... based in evidence

    Evidence for Parallel Universes — Max Tegmark / Serious Science

    Lucid dreaming Talk, unfortunately only on ted

    My State of Consciousness: Lucid Dreaming | Habiba Awada

    It doesn't surprise me at all, we start cargo cults all the time and used plants and economies to mind control those we see as lesser. Plus not they have UFO's on TV all bets are off on what governments have been lying about in regards to free energy craft to keep us as slave pets.

    Valiant Thor, The Benevolent Alien With An IQ Of 1200

    The religions seeking truth/God will evolve like science must are always be fooled.

    Was Noah's Ark an Egyptian Pyramid + Old Kingdom Climate Catastrophe | Ancient Architects

    How yall let the coochipie conspiracy destroy the truth movement on youtube paying independent controversial alt voices. Youttube was almost undoing the Communication Act for crony lying media until we consented to the childish outrage over a failed joke.

    Joe Rogan Reflects on the PewDiePie Controversy

    Scientists Discover UNDERWATER Lake That KILLS Everything it Touches!
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