11 Most BIZARRE Mutant Fish Discovered!

  • Published on:  2/27/2020
  • From pike with horns that look like dragons, to extra mouths and mermaid bodies, here are 11 of the most bizarre, mutant fish ever caught.

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    11. Water Dragons
    A fisherman got a surprise when he landed a catch from the River Irtysh which flows through Russia, China and Kazakhstan. Fishermen Alexey claims that he had caught underwater dragons!! Well, actually they were pike. Pike are long, carnivorous fish with many sharp teeth. They are already pretty intimidating, but until now, none have had horns!

    10. Wolffish
    The Atlantic wolffish is also known as the seawolf, and the devil fish. Images of a mutant wolffish caught off the coast of Japan in 2015 went viral and people started to panic. Wolffish are an important part of the ecosystem since they control green crab and sea urchin populations. And not very many things can eat sea urchins! These tough fish can grow up to 4 feet, however the average is about 1.6 feet to 3.2 feet (50-100 cm) long.

    9. Indian Goonch
    In 1998, 17-year-old Dil Bahadur was swimming with his girlfriend and some friends in the Kali River in India when he was suddenly dragged underwater by some unknown force. He never resurfaced. A few months later, a young boy was pulled underwater and disappeared. In 2007, an 18-year-old was also dragged down, but this time witnesses saw what they described as a water pig.

    8. Carp with 2 Mouths
    You can find all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff on Reddit and this fish from 2017 is definitely more weird and kind of disturbing.
    Reddit user Stuffy Unicorn, posted a video of a spooky fish with what appears to have two heads and two enormous, gaping mouths. Everyone wanted to know what had caused this bizarre phenomenon. Maybe it had been affected by pollution which had caused a weird mutation or perhaps it was some type of conjoined twin?

    7. Fish With Human Teeth
    There are actually several types of fish with very human-looking teeth! We have the Pacu fish and the Sheepshead fish. The Pacu fish is closely related to the piranha and is native to South America- although they have been known to escape captivity and thrive in waterways throughout the world. They can grow up to 3.5 feet long, and weigh up to 88 pounds. The teeth, unlike piranha's that are sharp, are flat- and look just like a human's!

    6. Two-Headed Dolphin
    In 2014 a very rare find washed up on the Aegean Coast city of Izmir, Turkey. A gym teacher on vacation made the discovery of a very unusual two-headed dolphin. While we all know they aren’t fish, it is only the 5th known case of conjoined twin dolphins, and only the third known to have lived beyond the fetal stage, according to a 2008 study in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.

    5. Birdfish
    This little fishie went viral after it landed on the deck of a fishing boat in China’s Guizhou province. At first glance it seems like a half fish, half bird mutant creature! It does have the appearance of a mermaid pigeon type thing, right? China’s Guizhou Urban Newspaper broke the news in 2018 and shared a video of the strange fish gasping for air.

    4. Cyclops Shark
    Fishermen in Mexico made a truly bizarre catch in 2011. Plying their trade off the coast of Baja California Sur, they discovered a real cyclops shark. They had brought up a female dusky shark and when they cut open the catch, they found this 22-inch long fetus with a single, large eye at the front of its head.

    3. Giant Fluorescent Blue Fish
    In 2018, a bizarre, brightly-coloured mutant fish was discovered in a lake in North Carolina. At least that’s if you believe what you see and read on YouTube! Measuring approx. 1.2 m (4 ft in) length, it made a striking impression when footage of it was posted online. However no-one knows whether it’s a fish or not!

    2. Pug Nosed Striped Bass
    Another creepy catch was this mutant fish caught in the Chesapeake Bay. Anglers were live-lining when they reeled in the pug nosed Striped Bass. This fish is probably not mutant because of swimming too close to a chemical plant or getting rocket fuel dumped on it. This kind of mutation is considered to be a naturally occurring mutation because it has been seen often enough.

    1. Giant Chernobyl Catfish
    Now if you’re going to find a mutant fish anywhere in the world, Chernobyl is the place right? Well it might not be as simple as you think. It was the site of a terrible tragedy, the effects of which are felt to this day. But take a look inside the plant’s cooling pond and you’ll see what appears to be enormous ‘Wels’ catfish.