Enable Syntax Highlighting and auto indention in VIM editor

  • Published on:  5/9/2020
  • Namaste,
    In this video, I talked about vimrc and some configuration that make vim quite easy to use. I had toggle some file related module and enabled syntax for a ease of use of Vim Editor.
    A lot of simple vim hacks that can help you to make vim customized as per your coding requirement and even for day to day uses as a text editor.
    Simply, Type :help module/command name for a very guide in side of vim editor.

    To see the help
    1. Open your vim editor by typing "vim" on your terminal.
    2. press [ESC] :help command-name [return]
    e.g. :help file-type
    3. Read the documentation of your need.

    ✍️ Queries Solved in Video :

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    2. Where do .vimrc file exists?
    3. What is use of local .vimrc file?
    4. What is use of user based VIM configuration file?

    5. How to enable filetype detection in VIM Editor?
    6. How to enable filetype plugin based configuration in VIM Editor?
    7. How to enable filetype based indentation in VIM Editor?
    8. How to enable Syntax Highlighting in VIM Editor?
    9. How to use "has()" in VIM script?
    10. How to load a script safely using if has() in vim scipt/vimrc?

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