🔧How to repair a generator on a Toyota Camry Gracia

  • Published on:  4/12/2020
  • In today's video, I will show and tell you how to repair a generator on a Toyota Camry Gracia car. Repair of the DENSO generator with your own hands at home.

    Brushes 5x7x19 -- http://ali.pub/4lvz71
    Voltage regulator -- http://ali.pub/4mr4ob
    The brush holder Assembly -- http://ali.pub/4mr47e
    Voltage regulator + brush holder Assembly -- http://ali.pub/4mr0eb http://ali.pub/4mr1id http://ali.pub/4mr1tu
    Voltage Converter (from the video) -- http://ali.pub/4lw0kt
    Converters on LM2596 - http://ali.pub/4lw19b
    Laboratory power supply -- http://ali.pub/4lw1ld http://ali.pub/4lw1mc
    Hilda Drill -- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Kv3G2SsOYF
    Drill Chuck -- http://ali.pub/4m0mmm https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DvKDzibLy7 Set of Attachments for the drill -- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KGDv2INLdN Soldering station + Soldering iron -- http://ali.pub/4m0n7m
    Soldering Iron with display -- http://ali.pub/4m0ny9
    Professional CXG soldering Iron with display -- http://ali.pub/4m0ns8
    Caliper -- http://ali.pub/4lw3n9 Wire Cutters -- http://ali.pub/4lw3sp
    Ratchet Keys set -- http://ali.pub/4lw3yc http://ali.pub/4lw47a
    Ratchet Keys per piece -- http://ali.pub/4lw42f
    Set of end heads -- http://ali.pub/4lw4um

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