BOEING 747 HYBRID DEPARTURE with Awesome Sound + Airbus A330 with a Raccoon Mask (4K)

  • Published on:  5/9/2021
  • This Boeing 747 of AeroTrans Cargo still wears the colours of its previous owner "World Airways" and the mixture of these colour shemes is considered as a Hybrid airplane. I tried to film this special painted Boeing 747 for a while now and now I finally happy with the result. Last time I saw it the weather was quite bad and that` s why I had to try it again. i visited Liege Airport yesterday to film a few heavy cargo planes. Liege is one of the biggest cargo airports in europe and if you are interested in Boeing 747` s Liege is the place to be. Also note the new Boeing 747 Cargo airline "ROM Cargo". The aircraft is currently parked at Liege and as far as I know the aircraft will be operated by AeroTransCargo too. We don` t know much about this company yet but I hope I will get a chance to film the aircraft, when it leaves Liege.

    The second interesting plane was the Airbus A330 Freighter of the new cargo airlone CMA CGM Cargo. Some of you might already know the name "CMA CGM" because it` s a ship operator. They decided to found a cargo airlines aswell to support their ship network and initially they took over foure used A330 Freighters from Qatar Airways Cargo. They mainly operate flights between the USA and Liege, escpecially to Chicago ORD And New York. I really like the raccoon mask next to the cockpit window which makes the livery quite stylish although its pretty white.


    Featured Aircrafts:

    00:00 Aero Trans Cargo Boeing 747-400F Liege - Astana
    01:55 CMA CGM Airbus A330-200F Liege - New York JFK
    03:22 Longtail Aviation Boeing 747-400F Liege - Tel Aviv
    05:54 ASL Aviation Boeing 747-400F Liege - Tianjin
    07:53 Challenge Air Boeing 747-400F Liege - New York JFK
    09:47 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-200F Liege - Oslo
    10:35 Ethiopian Cargo Boeing 777-200F Liege - Zaragoza
    11:13 ASL Aviation Boeing 737-800F Liege-Istanbul (Boeing 747 Sound, taxing behind)
    11:53 Ethiopian Boeing 777-200F Liege - Beijing
    12:50 Ethiopian Boeing 777-200F Liege - Guanghzhou


    Airports: Liege (Belgium)



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