Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

  • Published on:  12/7/2017
  • What is UBI? How would free money change our lives.

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    Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI


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  • Danskheart
    Danskheart 6 hours ago

    The explanation in this video for why inflation wouldn't occur is incredibly hand-wavey. Inflation doesn't occur because money is created, inflation occurs because of higher demand. More money to more people = more demand. Prices will rise, and eventually level out when demand matches supply again.

  • do not sub me I dont want to get 1mil subs

    This will end the argument do you want a free 1000 dollars a month

  • Lazar Momcilovic
    Lazar Momcilovic 21 hours ago

    There is really a profound solution to all of our global and social problems. I'll just say this - Resource Based Economy.

  • Uber Dragon
    Uber Dragon yesterday+1

    I think it will probably help us with a lot of problems and only cause some minor few ones we will be able to sort out. I want to see it happen.

  • It’s not a phase, mom!

    I’d keep my job and put the money towards a Porsche.

  • The Ervin Family
    The Ervin Family 2 days ago

    ITS COMMUNISM PEOPLE!!!!!! Who do you think supplies the money??? The tooth fairy??
    Nothing is free. Someone always pays. When you earned it you have a very different perspective about "wealth redistribution"...

  • Runze Hu
    Runze Hu 2 days ago

    Andrew Yang 2020

  • Runze Hu
    Runze Hu 2 days ago

    We do not work for money, we work for a better and meaningful life, but under the current distribution system, most people don't have a choice. They are alienated and desperate. They work for survival instead of striving to find their own voice.

  • Tiwaking Tiwaking
    Tiwaking Tiwaking 3 days ago+1


  • JimiJenkins
    JimiJenkins 3 days ago

    A coddled society is weak. Determination and necessity are true American values.

  • The Eh Team
    The Eh Team 3 days ago

    Ontario tried UBI and it was a complete failure. It turns out if people don't have to work then they wont. This is why welfare has (or should have) fucking conditions.

  • SevenStringShredHead

    Taxation is theft

  • Card Wallets
    Card Wallets 3 days ago

    Instead of a UBI, what about a system that effectively makes basic apartments, simple foods/drinks, and medical care free while having anything else costs actual money that you need to work for?

  • Jojo
    Jojo 3 days ago

    Its important that people understands that this video is mainly about the Minimum Basic Income, meaning its primary function is an alternative to the wellfare-system. The advantage is that it saves extreme amounts on administration, and reduces the stress- and anxiety in the population. Such people will be more healthy which again saves rescources and so on. Surely if the government paid people an AVERAGE income, then it would decrease the incentive to work, but that is not what it is about.

  • John Levin
    John Levin 3 days ago

    The government should not have to take care of you. Work hard and you can be successful.

  • John Levin
    John Levin 3 days ago

    So, socialism?

  • Soupperol
    Soupperol 4 days ago

    I liked some of the points brought up, but as soon as they mentioned tax the rich more I just lost it. The rich already pays 75% of our taxes, imagine how much more the right would have to pay if ubi was introduced with wellfare or ubi in general.

  • Grat_Gaming
    Grat_Gaming 4 days ago

    A little confusing

  • Ulrar
    Ulrar 4 days ago