Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Oğuz Kadıoğlu 10 months ago

    Samsung: Galaxy note 9 comes with a custom fortnite skin!Linus: *gets pubg as sponsor*

  • fail dog 8 days ago

    mjc0961 I don’t mind them not talking about fortnite

  • Hey I like memes oof 3 months ago


  • Tech Urdu.PK 9 months ago

    Why i am watching this i am poor

  • X el 8 days ago

    It's been 8months now I am having battery problem 🙈🙈

  • Olly Sharp 12 days ago

    Now you can buy a samsung a40

  • Zack Grimstone 9 months ago

    *iPhone User:* That's not possible!*Samsung:* You have no idea what's possible

  • Aritro Vlogs 2 days ago

    @Saad Muin yeah man, I LOVE spending money on what is essentially a fashion statement instead of buying a Samsung that's worth its price.

  • EDS2314 9 months ago

    My Note 9 is absolutely incredible. Best phone I've ever owned.

  • Kevin Albert 16 days ago

    I bought it yesterday sooo idk

  • ohnoitschris 2 months ago

    I got mine for a good dealI want this phone to last me a decade. It's one of the only newer phones WITHOUT a notch or holepunch or something ridiculous.

  • Deividas Gedgaudas 9 months ago

    Switched to Note 9 (128GB) from S7 Edge and I'm in love. Last Note i had was the 4th one and for two years I always missed my s-pen. This phone is actually as good as everyone says..

  • Aust¡ 6 days ago

    bruh wtf me too

  • Raj Karmakar 1 months ago

    I am poor i will get a 2nd hand one

  • Dany K 10 months ago

    I am korean... samsung is from korea.... when i turn on my s9... the phone told me ‘open ur eyes wider’....... most offensive thing i ever heard from a phoneI never thought that i could get so many likes and comments with this.... But i have ANIME PROFILE PICTURE!!!! You guys should ignore them all you know....

  • EmeraldGameZ 23 days ago

    @FizzKenjiBoosh CS:GO & More the name samsung reeks koreanthey just have a crap load of factories in vietnam and it is popular there

  • since when samsung is from korea ?dude, samsung is from vietnam.

  • Juul Blom 7 months ago

    I dont know why there is still a fight between android and apple because apple isnt even relevant anymore

  • Aritro Vlogs 2 days ago

    @Player_Illuminati about 70B off bud

  • Perik Malik 9 months ago

    There is no rival , the note 9 is the highest evolution smart phone of the world ,it's perfect,,......

  • rgtrooper13 25 days ago

    @Crystal Elite ITS A JOKE YOU IDIOT

  • forti tude 1 months ago

    @just a random educated human no

  • Ivan Sakantsau 7 months ago

    I just switch to Samsung Notes9 after 14 years using apple ....Guys ...i love it

  • Red Hood 14 days ago

    Necroby Nerton owning an android doesn’t make you look like a tech savy.

  • Kaif Khan 1 months ago

    @王朝愉 dude he is talking about apple in general not iphones particularly. So yea apple has been more than 14 years in the game

  • Channel Rudy 9 months ago

    I use that headphone jack everyday

  • Mr_No_Name 1 months ago

    Same I use it everyday for a little bit a day or at least enough times a week that it matters.

  • The subpar animator 1 months ago

    Yeah when you have a decent pair of wired headphones that you love and you don't want to have to bluetooth headphones then the Jack is super useful