Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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    The Note 9 isn't perfect.. but I can't find much that's wrong with it..

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  • noablaespano
    noablaespano 8 hours ago

    Is that you with a Asian woman? That is sooo Unamerican stay in Canada

  • Iridium 1989
    Iridium 1989 10 hours ago

    Afriend of mine which lives in europe has got a Note 9 on the american version on black friday

  • TechTalk - My videos are funny

    Just got mine yesterday, PURE BEAUTINESS

  • Movie 24
    Movie 24 18 hours ago

    Ist better than iphone

  • Uttam Lakumalla
    Uttam Lakumalla 21 hours ago

    you should make a app for all your videos plus the comparisons and stuff of phones and other ****

  • Alix art195
    Alix art195 yesterday

    the video begin at

  • Yung Slm3
    Yung Slm3 yesterday+1

    im finna rob this nigga if i see him cuz am here rocking my s4 hand sensors wit my broke ass

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X yesterday

    Hi, I'm enquiring about wireless fast charging. I bought the new Mi qi wireless charger but it doesn't fast wireless charge with my Note9 adapter ( In box), yet if I use my Galaxy S8 adapter it supports fast wireless charging. The difference between the two is that my S8 adapter has a symbol UL on, and the original Note9 adapter doesn't. Can someone explain please?

  • Stewart Harvey-Wilson

    I was put off this phone because of price, until I found a brand new note dual sim for 547.00 pounds 3 weeks ago ( end of Oct 2018)

  • ajbfwb
    ajbfwb 2 days ago

    Damn....I'm not always a Linus fan, but that was a good one.

  • Frozen Solstice
    Frozen Solstice 2 days ago

    what desktop screen are you using at 0:24?

  • Pedro Motoa
    Pedro Motoa 2 days ago

    Dont forget to mention that Samsung screens dont shatter as easily as iPhone's

  • saif saif
    saif saif 2 days ago

    6:20 who hold his phone like this?

  • Ramo Blaze
    Ramo Blaze 2 days ago

    Lol watching on my note9 #DoWhatYouCant

  • Quan Cena
    Quan Cena 2 days ago+1

    miss the time when we didnt have to say that the phone has a headphone jack...

  • shusrith srikanth
    shusrith srikanth 3 days ago

    galaxy note 9> XS max

  • Broccoli Ninja
    Broccoli Ninja 3 days ago

    I got this phone and its only real problem is the fingerprint sensor is harder to reach but intelligent scan works most of the time, but only in well lit areas. Other than that everything is dope

  • HoodbilliENT
    HoodbilliENT 3 days ago

    Had my note9 for about 2 months now and OMG amazing! I'm a note fan since note 2345 made the jump from 5 to 9 and wow best ever mobile hands down power house! I got mine cheap as for $430 well worth it

  • V Three
    V Three 3 days ago

    In terms of Note Taking; should I get the max-ed out Note 9 or 256 12.9 inch Ipad Pro 2018 with Apple Pencil and Smart Folio Keyboard?

  • Vasile Pintilie
    Vasile Pintilie 4 days ago

    Only one thing missing, front firing speakers. I think the chin is fairly big you can fit the speaker there.