Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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    The Note 9 isn't perfect.. but I can't find much that's wrong with it..

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  • Favio Mendoza
    Favio Mendoza 7 hours ago

    the real question is..will it fit in a normal jean pocket?i want to buy it so much but thing is it looks too big and probably half of it will be outside my pocket hahah

  • Игор Вуковић

    O M G u are no gay ?!!!????!! 5:32

  • Don M
    Don M yesterday

    I watched this video on a note 9. It was amazing.

  • Kevin Luna
    Kevin Luna 4 days ago

    Yeah, no one likes Pube G!

  • Mike LoPinto
    Mike LoPinto 4 days ago

    Nice keyboard... used it for many years and recently upgraded to the Roccat Vulcan. Not disappointed. Also have the Kone Pure owl eye. Not disappointed.

  • MyHeroJose
    MyHeroJose 4 days ago

    Bigsby will cause the machine uprising

  • Combo Hell
    Combo Hell 4 days ago

    Pubg g com on linus where are the maracas, shavers the pants xD

  • Silent wraith
    Silent wraith 4 days ago+1

    Whatever you say
    Samsung fans will say(I'm samsung fan)
    Note 9 was the best Note ever created

    PRIYANKA SHARMA 5 days ago

    Perfect phone ♥️

  • SJ
    SJ 5 days ago

    Note 9 is a beast. I am going to upgrade to s10 even tho I only upgrade in note series but I've heard some cool things about s10

  • Victor Gutierrez
    Victor Gutierrez 5 days ago

    Did this guy just bother about 0.1% of screen to beazel ratio ? WTF ''that's a risky move''

  • chemistry hacker
    chemistry hacker 5 days ago

    I don't like s pen

  • milan
    milan 5 days ago

    All they need to add is a quad dac

  • Carlu
    Carlu 5 days ago

    i'm waiting for the 10 i don't wanna be behind technology

  • Denis Agolli
    Denis Agolli 5 days ago

    How much had Apple paid you for this video? Noob, Samsung kicked Iphone in the ass really hard and you know it

  • Lewis D
    Lewis D 5 days ago

    My Note 4 has recently started having eMMC issues. Was looking at upgrading to the 9 but then found out about Wakelock. My issues have now gone away (woot). Hopefully I'll be able to hold out now until the Note 10/X. My only concern is that with my Note 4 I can replace the battery myself, but I doubt I'll be able to with my next Note, especially after watching teardown vids.

  • Jun Young
    Jun Young 6 days ago

    Can u do the galaxy a9

  • Laura Evans
    Laura Evans 6 days ago

    hey Linus try reviewing the elephone px and also by the way I love your vids keep going

  • mrKpooper4
    mrKpooper4 6 days ago

    And here I am watching still on my Note 4.

  • Unown
    Unown 6 days ago

    *says pad it out*