7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters March 2018



  • am1966ath
    am1966ath 9 days ago

    Worthless lack of security check at the then Athens airpot Hellenikon....the hijackers flew into Athens from Abu Dhabi on Singapore airlines earlier the same mornig and then boarded the Paris bound Air France Airbus A300.

  • KateLicker
    KateLicker 11 days ago

    watched this dvd yesterday...It was a very sketchy superficial explanation of the planning time-line for the crisis-raid..a 2-bit backfiring-artsy recreation of the raid itself...no mention was made of what Amin did to Dora Bloch after the raid. or the unfortunate way in which 2 hostages were accidentally tragically killed by the commandos ..it named them and said they were killed, but did not show how, as movies like 'Victory at Entebbe" did portray. It managed to be inferior to all of the rushed low-budge 1970s movies on the raid.I toe-tapped a little to the Hebrew dance song..

  • Jean Hernandez
    Jean Hernandez 12 days ago

    Amazing movie,the israelis are the best in this kind of Special operations...death to fuck terrorists and communists!!

  • Mandy Milltown
    Mandy Milltown 12 days ago

    Arab terurist are nothing but big mouth.i love how isreal is dealing with them

  • Jrayn Y
    Jrayn Y 13 days ago

    Murican Actors, Murican Regisseur and only Murica accepts jerusalem as Capital of Palestine... Can't be more obv. that this is pure propaganda shit! Long live PALESTINE! It's a shame how many People support the Worlds biggest 2. Warcriminals! israel is nothing without Murican and European Money! they couldn't even feed themselves without the holding Hand of the biggest Warcriminals... Europe and Murica. #LongLivePalestine

  • Hicham Yt
    Hicham Yt 14 days ago


  • KateLicker
    KateLicker 15 days ago

    I think I'm going to miss James Woods clapping to Hinei ma Tov, and Linda Blair handing out her kosha chocolates, and that blonde German BMeinhoff bitch walking into the sunroof Uzi in front of the airport terminal, too much to watch this apologist Hollywood liberal crap...

  • KateLicker
    KateLicker 15 days ago

    the disturbing thing about the Arab/Red Brigade terrorists of this 60s/70s/80s era, is that ---by comparison, degree they actually are sympathetic and more rational compared to the Islamozoid fucken freaks we have to deal with all around the world today..

  • Mohamed Chabchoub
    Mohamed Chabchoub 21 days ago

    who own holywood?

  • steve hale
    steve hale 21 days ago

    on the wings of eagles! love the Mossad and IDF! REMEMBER the very time. I had just ended my military career. loved the two original movies. looking forward to seeing this one.

  • rolf s
    rolf s 25 days ago


  • POTUS_RonaldReagan
    POTUS_RonaldReagan 27 days ago

    So disrespectful to those who died

  • mroknesss
    mroknesss 28 days ago

    fuck the jews.

  • odiamo tutti
    odiamo tutti 28 days ago


  • हिंदू योद्धा

    iam indian ,
    india always with u isriel

  • ahmed ortashi
    ahmed ortashi 1 months ago

    They think we are stupid they think after this film We will stand with them Israel Is a state that supports terrorism And also take what they did not have I hoped they would kill them And the entire Israeli army fack them

  • The Ferryman
    The Ferryman 1 months ago

    What the Fuck is Xaro Xhoan Daxos doing in Uganda?

  • dantemike1
    dantemike1 1 months ago

    There is cool...and then there is Israeli...!

  • Pk Dk
    Pk Dk 1 months ago

    Fuck Muslims

  • Abutalib Abutalib
    Abutalib Abutalib 1 months ago

    wf !
    it is palestine not israel