SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS PRO vs APPLE AIRPODS PRO: An Audio Engineer's Review and Comparison

  • Published on:  1/31/2021
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and the Apple AirPods Pro, how do they sound & compare? As an audio engineer, here's my review & comparison of the Galaxy Buds Pro 👩‍🍳Use my code THISISTECHTODAY10 to get 10 free meals across your 4 boxes with HelloFresh: (Sponsored)

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    - Recorded on the Sound Devices MixPre 6 II in 32-bit float:
    - 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone:
    - All audio was put into Final Cut Pro, changed to the "stereo" pan setting, and adjusted to match decibel levels for each song or situation. The Galaxy Buds Pro is louder.

    Song notes:
    - Bloodstream: On the Galaxy Buds Pro there is a wider stereo spread which can be heard in the reverb, synth, and airy top end. The hi-hat can be a bit harsh. The AirPods Pro are easier on the ears but a bit scooped
    - Liminal Animal: On the GBP it sounds warmer and less sterile. The stereo spread feels more full, but the APP does sound "cleaner" which can help certain notes come out in that stereo spread
    - Ballin: The hi-end really hurts for me on the GBP and the APP feels more enjoyable to listen to this song on because it's a bit more tame
    - Gimmie, Gimmie: The GBP sounds like a better fit for this style with its warmth and midrange. The Midrange on the APP is kind of weird for songs like this
    - My Reason: this is the most obvious track for hearing the mid-range difference. You have to listen to it on the GBP because that's the soul sound
    - Autumn's Song: Both can work for this depending on what you want. The GBP have that warm woody sound that is nice while the APP sound really clean. It's a taste thing
    - Get Away: The bass guitar is so much better on the GBP because the midrange wasn't cut out. You hear that satisfying growl that is so important for songs like this. It gets buried on the APP
    - Flight: I get chills when listening to this song on the GBP and find it to be kind of lifeless on the APP
    - No More: This one is up taste and mood, I guess. The low end is different on each
    - Hey Marjorie: Another song that benefits from having a midrange. Take it out and you lose that fun energy on this track (APP)
    - Photograph: The GBP sounds full and natural while the APP sounds synthy and fake. I hate how the APP messes up the midrange
    - Tides: The sub on the GBP is tighter and focused a bit higher than the APP. The APP goes for lower sub boosts or sub frequencies, just like the AirPods Max
    - I am Unbreakable: The low-end tightness is clearest on this one where the APP can get a bit unwieldy because of the sub frequencies going wild.
    - It would be You: sounds great on both. This track is kind of designed to be more in the middle without tons of low end or top

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