Embarrassing Vision Boards From Our Past (ft. Jenna Dewan Tatum)



  • IISuperwomanII
    IISuperwomanII  9 months ago+7118

    STILL HAVE MY FINGERS CROSSED FOR A JONAS BROTHER! There's still hope! LOL. Shout outs to Jenna for being absolutely incredible to work with. What a star! #SuperSixty starts now which means I'm responding to your comments for the next hour. LET'S CHAT! xo

    MISS MAYA MUSER 5 hours ago

    Bruh... it’s 2018 & you are no where near married

  • Ady Bishop
    Ady Bishop 3 days ago

    this looks like katy perrys last friday night music video lol and im late

  • Jorja Harpur
    Jorja Harpur 7 days ago

    Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

  • Alexa Marcigliano
    Alexa Marcigliano 11 days ago+1

    Don’t worry girls. You won’t have to take your crocs off at security, because no one will where crocs in the future.

  • Siti hajar Binti aziz
    Siti hajar Binti aziz 11 days ago+1

    The awkward moment is that she broke up with channing tatum already

  • Amy Rooplall
    Amy Rooplall 12 days ago

    Funny thing is that I had only recognized Jenna from the TV series "Supergirl" from when she plays Lois lane.

  • Sophia De Leon
    Sophia De Leon 13 days ago

    WAHT did I see

  • Maria Nelson
    Maria Nelson 15 days ago

    They were going crazy over 4%. Here kids are downing when they whiskey

  • Shailja Barot
    Shailja Barot 20 days ago+1

    “Like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift!”
    Yikes. Good luck.

  • mehnab khan
    mehnab khan 20 days ago


  • Elma Malik
    Elma Malik a months ago+1

    They got divorced😭

  • kathrine merie klick
    kathrine merie klick a months ago

    A mAiLmAn! every girls day dream

  • Princess Awkward
    Princess Awkward 1 months ago

    So these were the freaks..?

  • Ellie Jones
    Ellie Jones 1 months ago+1

    the ad before this said,"all I want is to have a proper shower and to poop." I think that is accurate to all our lives.

  • Samantha Leigh
    Samantha Leigh 1 months ago

    The amount of shade in this video

  • lil meows
    lil meows 1 months ago

    Hello from the future.

  • graco the lizard
    graco the lizard 1 months ago+1

    People still watch this including me :)

  • Ano ymous
    Ano ymous 1 months ago

    10Mega Pixels!!!! 10M subs instead. Go girl.

  • Urjaswi Dutta Chowdhury

    Watching this now and patiently waiting for 12 Collabs of Christmas 2018! I love you so much Lilly!!