Brady Is OFF THE TEAM | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 5

  • Published on:  6/19/2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - is a clip from Season 8 Episode 5. Hope you enjoy! NOTE: This is a "first look." The whole episode has NOT aired yet so please do not ask me to "finish uploading episode 5." We must wait until next week to see the full episode!


  • Bts Army love
    Bts Army love 1 months ago+6854

    Who’s better:
    Like: Brady
    Comment: Gino ( Maddie’s first kiss on dance moms)

  • Madalyn Witt
    Madalyn Witt 1 months ago+8889

    If Brady is off the team it will be the perfect opportunity for Jill’s little Kendall!

  • Sophia Colon
    Sophia Colon 1 months ago+2408

    Use this as a “save Brady card” ❤️

  • Lisa Williams
    Lisa Williams 1 months ago+4181

    2011: people are jealous of Maddie🤷🏽‍♀️😩
    2019: people are jealous of Brady🤷🏽‍♀️😩

  • Autumn -
    Autumn - 1 months ago+3970

    Brady gets kicked off the team
    Jill sitting at home watching: Now maybe my little Kendall can have a solo!
    EDIT: omg thnx for likes i love u guys lmao

  • Arie Barie
    Arie Barie 1 months ago+3705

    Original dance moms: gets kicked out for not dancing well
    Now: gets kicked out for being to good
    I am confusion...

  • Fenty
    Fenty 1 months ago+1484

    Moms: Brady is the only one safe.
    Abby: Hold my wig.

  • Mia Sannaz
    Mia Sannaz 1 months ago+1790

    Then how come Maddie was never kicked off the team🤷🏾‍♀️

  • PotatoAnimationz
    PotatoAnimationz 1 months ago+3832

    Jill: Now my little Kendall...
    Oh wait sorry wrong season

  • Kendall Sherman
    Kendall Sherman 1 months ago+682

    brady probs off the team bc he doesn’t cause any drama and this is all the show thrives off tbh

  • Ciara B
    Ciara B 2 months ago+637

    Awe my heart dropped when it showed Lily covering her ears when the mothers were yelling 😣😣

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 1 months ago+708

    Omg I hope Cathy doesn’t sister snatch him 😭

  • Snowwy
    Snowwy 1 months ago+480

    Brady leaving the team
    Jill: well there’s a perfect spot for Kendall
    EDIT: thanks for all the likes!

  • Morgan Collins
    Morgan Collins 1 months ago+313

    Brady was a breath of fresh air in the social toxic wasteland called Dance Moms, I think Abby’s right but I’m sad he has to go for now

  • blessing nwosu
    blessing nwosu 28 days ago+119

    Sooooo Brady is off the team because basically he’s too good ..... wtf

  • Maily Nguyen
    Maily Nguyen 1 months ago+238

    ok, but 4:31 that concealer shade definitely doesn't match

  • LaYn A
    LaYn A 1 months ago+103

    When Brady said “life’s not fair” I felt that 😕

  • Auds
    Auds 1 months ago+109

    episode 4: brady, this is just the beginning
    episode 5: brady is going on home!

  • Trina Marie Ortiz
    Trina Marie Ortiz 1 months ago+102

    So basically Brady is the Maddie of this new team 😂😂 that’s why y’all mad 🙄

  • R Fields
    R Fields 1 months ago+76

    Ok. It's official. Stacey is my least favorite dance mom ever. What a garbage human being 🤮 I'm not going to wish anything bad on Lily of course but Stacey need to gtfo frfr