Can you make Chocolate Mousse Cake & Chocolate Pudding at the same time !!! No Oven | Eggless

  • Published on:  11/13/2018
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    Is it a Chocolate Pudding or Chocolate Mousse or a Mousse Cake or Pudding Cake or a Chocolate Mousse Cake ???

    Let's find it out ...

    Yes certainly this recipe resembles a chocolate pudding but the creaminess and the silky texture makes it a chocolate mousse cake. Trust me, it is a perfect dessert for chocolate lovers so try it out today.

    To make this cake we do not need any oven. It is a chocolate dessert that is so easy to make that any one and every one can easily make it without putting more efforts.

    Ingredients for making Chocolate Mousse Cake :

    - Powdered / Caster Sugar (1/2 Cup) (
    - Cornflour (1/4 Cup) (
    - Cocoa Powder (1/4 Cup) (
    - Pinch of salt
    - Milk (500 ml)
    - Whipping Cream (1/4 Cup) (
    - Dark Chocolate (1 Cup) (

    - Garnish : Cocoa Powder
    - Pistachios (

    Other Pre-requisites :

    - Rectangular Mould ( You can use any mould of your choice.
    - Parchment Paper ( Do not skip it

    Procedure for making Chocolate Mousse Cake :

    - Mix all the dry ingredients ( Powdered Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Cornflour )
    - Add milk gradually and mix it well
    - Strain it, in case of any lumps
    - Cook it on lowest flame and stir it continuously
    - Put whipping Cream
    - Chopped Dark chocolate
    - Stir it continuously and cook until it thickens.
    - You can run a finger along the spatula and see that the mixture is quite there.
    - Put it in a lined mould
    - First cool it down to room temperature and then put it in refrigerator for at least 6 hours.
    - After it has set, quickly flip it and remove the mould.
    - Remove the parchment paper carefully
    - Put a strip of parchment paper in the middle (To make way for chopped up pistachios)
    - Sprinkle it with cocoa powder
    - Remove the strip of paper
    - Add pistachios in that part. You can add any nuts that you like.
    - The creaminess of the chocolate and the nutty flavor and texture of pistachios makes every bite divine.
    - Cut with a very hot knife and serve it immediately
    - Note : Do not keep the chocolate mousse cake on the counter for a longer time as it will go flat
    - Thank you for your time and support, really appreciated it.
    - Hope you make it soon and do tell us how was it.

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