Elliot Rodger Leaked Content Part 2

  • Published on:  12/11/2017
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    Many of you requested I continue with the rest of the leaked Elliot Rodger content.

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  • വസീലി സയത്സേവ്

    After seeing this video I feel sorry for him

  • dead cell
    dead cell 4 days ago

    I dont think he was narcissistic. I think he was very insecure which caused his awkwardness. He wanted lots of money so that he could be a popular somebody, and people would come to him rather than the other way round. I feel he is somewhat misunderstood by many.

  • agent475816
    agent475816 5 days ago

    2:19 You mean his parents bought the sunglasses, and the car, and everything he has.

  • X fighters
    X fighters 10 days ago

    Tbh let's just call Eliot what he was. A lower who couldn't get his dick sucked and an entitled baby. Every criminal has a son story and I've heard of way better son stories then his. He was just a lower incel and nothing more.

  • de4th1snt3nough
    de4th1snt3nough 13 days ago

    Mild goddamn autism and anxiety gets you SSI I have seizures every fucking week and am told to go fuck myself, he can even drive, seriously California no wonder he had money he could blow...

  • Jazhua Vanboven
    Jazhua Vanboven  17 days ago

    So his SSI benefits probably helped buy those lottery tickets and glasses....

    BOSTON GERR 12 17 days ago

    People are missing something very , very , very important , Elliot was a suppressed gay individual !

  • bio jinx
    bio jinx 18 days ago

    If someone could give me the source of 4:37 that will be fantastic

  • Doge
    Doge 20 days ago

    OHHHHH so he was autistic

  • Blake Bellamy
    Blake Bellamy 22 days ago

    How crazy is it that nobody may have died if he had just won the lottery

  • Nabiha Amin
    Nabiha Amin 24 days ago

    if women aren't working out he has one more option

  • nazareth
    nazareth 25 days ago

    this bitch went off for not getting any pussy

  • palpatine the senate

    I have autism too

  • AbiDiscussions
    AbiDiscussions 27 days ago

    Albert Einstein and my sister are autistic and they are both fine (cannot comment about Albert since I never knew him)

  • xBurzum
    xBurzum a months ago

    Where them porn searches

  • Mark Zuccerman
    Mark Zuccerman a months ago

    What a weird ass nigga. Niggas really tryin too hard for some pussy bro

  • Joey J
    Joey J 1 months ago

    yawn...only video of yours I'm not gonna finish. spoiled rich kids bore me.

  • SydneyMichelle94
    SydneyMichelle94 1 months ago

    As interesting as this is, it’s sad at the same time. It’s clear he was mentally ill.

  • Sliver the Cardboard
    Sliver the Cardboard 1 months ago

    "His self esteem was very low"
    Um, this is the same guy who says hes a god and says how awesome he is. I dont think self esteem was an issue

  • Dick Piano
    Dick Piano 1 months ago

    sound like someone with really low EQ...