Angelo's Mom Gets a Tim & Eric Shirt, Does Steven Seagal Shuffle

  • Published on:  12/10/2016
  • I got my mom a very nice Tim and Eric shirt, buy your own T&E merchandise here for Chrimbus: And tune in for our livestream Dec 12, Monday, at 7 PM EST!

    Here's Steven Seagal dancing, edited by Vic Berger. Film your own and send them to Vic!

    We also talk about how great the movie Loving is (go see it!), Jim Bakker's prophecies about Donald Trump, and a fortune teller who told my mom that she'd move to America and have three kids while she was still in Greece. Here's the prophecy about Donald Trump the Jim Bakker show talks about:

    And here's the Jim Bakker show celebrating when Donald Trump won the election:

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