OH NO! What is happening to that chicken?! - Cyanide & Happiness - Drawing a Blank Ep. 01

  • Published on:  11/20/2018
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  • J2S
    J2S 9 months ago+565

    This is the type of content I want to see

  • Brett Casale
    Brett Casale 9 months ago+148

    How to get banned on Twitch your first time streaming.

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 9 months ago+184

    Your furry audience increased *EXPONENTIALLY*

  • Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs

    3:57 What is this piece of art? It looks
    B E A U T I F U L

  • kremit
    kremit 9 months ago+131

    Wish I could draw, like at all
    i don’t have hands

  • Kraiser
    Kraiser 9 months ago+51

    Every day we draw further away from God

  • Vaas. :3
    Vaas. :3 9 months ago+57

    Congratulations to Finland. 🇫🇮

  • Tiberium Crystal
    Tiberium Crystal 9 months ago+36

    Cyanide & happiness has been active with this series again. Good we need more comedy in this world.

  • D I A V O L O
    D I A V O L O 9 months ago+29

    Has Seth Rogen ever done a voice for C&H? Because I think his voice could fit for a character.

  • Gary 0518
    Gary 0518 9 months ago+31

    IV been a subscriber
    For three years now all yall never seem to disappoint me 🤣

  • Paula Girona Salamanca
    Paula Girona Salamanca 9 months ago+50

    Hi I hope you become rich

  • omnitrix1992
    omnitrix1992 9 months ago+4

    The Finnish Line comic was hilarious! You guys should make that one into an animation!

  • MagicianFairy
    MagicianFairy 9 months ago+21

    This. I liked this. Do more.

  • Giovanni Rustici
    Giovanni Rustici 9 months ago+6

    Cyanide and Happiness - “Do you trust me?”
    World - “Always...”

  • xenontesla122
    xenontesla122 9 months ago+5

    If it doesn't revolve around animal sex or violence (or both), it's not a Cyanide & Happiness comic.

  • Kceam
    Kceam 9 months ago+16

    This is my head canon how cyanide and happiness comics are really made!

  • Jeffro104
    Jeffro104 9 months ago+34

    What software are you guys using to draw ?

  • Are you sure?
    Are you sure? 9 months ago+6

    May this fill the void of Doodle Doods and Slightly Artistic 🙏

  • shrillkingboy
    shrillkingboy 9 months ago+4

    It makes me feel that drawing is easy hahahahah

  • Tanaka Marape
    Tanaka Marape 9 months ago+4

    Who watched the whole thing?