We Try To Survive The Purge in Grand Theft Auto 5



  • 1911 Maxter
    1911 Maxter 18 minutes ago

    Sydnee is so hot

  • AdikMusic OfficialTM

    sydnee <3

  • Alika Adiyarshanti
    Alika Adiyarshanti 10 hours ago

    ngl crystal is lowkey annoying

  • Ms rollerskater
    Ms rollerskater 17 hours ago

    When you go on gta v online it’s always like killer massacre they blow you up chase you with guns and tanks thank god they can rob your home or garage and our business

  • Hulk Buster
    Hulk Buster 5 days ago

    The Burnett is hot

  • Hulk Buster
    Hulk Buster 5 days ago

    So is this purge thing part of the online play? 😕 how can I do this in GTA???!

  • Hulk Buster
    Hulk Buster 5 days ago

    The purge??!!! 😮😮😮

  • yellow pregananant buck toothed circle

    8:03 had me not breathing

  • Nikki K
    Nikki K 7 days ago+1

    The dude in this sounds like childish gambino...

  • r- dizzle
    r- dizzle 7 days ago

    Btw that brunette is cute

  • r- dizzle
    r- dizzle 7 days ago

    I thought no explosives in the purge

  • zxd 9000
    zxd 9000 7 days ago

    “Holding a mini gun” I’m just a little jumpy, I don’t like anyone near my house

  • Lucas the Nintendo Fan

    She said "Since trevors house hasn't been discoverd"she was playing as franklin lol

  • KDFan 35
    KDFan 35 7 days ago

    To survive u must become a bush camper

  • MADDY Alley
    MADDY Alley 8 days ago

    When can play on a xbox on a mode

  • Music Now!
    Music Now! 9 days ago

    3:20 She's definitely a psychopath.

  • Todd Secor
    Todd Secor 9 days ago

    4:11 I think she is used to making that face.

  • Darius Anuran
    Darius Anuran 12 days ago


  • GuyFieri IsCool
    GuyFieri IsCool 12 days ago

    If you want to survive
    Just get a insurgent

  • Ari 25
    Ari 25 13 days ago

    Who on earth is Simeon 😂