WHO'S THE FATHER? (Part Timers #16)

  • Published on:  5/2/2016
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    EPISODE #16
    On a slow day at Pork E. Pine’s, Ian and Anton find a kid who's been left behind and discover he might be their actual son. Elsewhere in the restaurant, the rest of the staff compete in a ball pit scavenger hunt to determine who gets to go home early.

    PART TIMERS is a new series about the employees of Pork E. Pine’s -- a pizzeria and arcade long past its prime. Based on TRUE STORIES from Ian’s real life first job ...kinda.

    Love the Part Timers theme song? Download it here: http://smo.sh/PTsong

    Rating: TV-14

    IAN - Ian Hecox
    ANTON - Anthony Padilla
    DINGER - Casey Webb
    ELLA - Jade Martz
    LORI - Natalie Whittle
    MADS - Cat Alter
    PETE - Noah Grossman

    Guest Starring:
    CHAD - Matthew Michaels
    NISHA - Kayla Cherie Compton

    Created by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla & Ryan Finnerty and Kate VanDevender and Dominic Russo
    Written by Spencer Sloan and Devanshi Patel
    Directed by Laura Murphy
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