Aston Martin shows first V12 Speedster prototype for $950.000

  • Published on:  10/7/2020
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    Source: | The V12 Speedster has moved from the realm of dreams to the physical world. Here it is in the metal. In the composite? A bit of both, we'd reckon, but we can say this for certain: it's definitely not glass. Aston Martin's 88-unit, $950,000, topless supercar is officially entering the physical development stage "in earnest," the company's spokesperson said, and here are the photos to prove it. Aston Martin had originally planned to start delivering V12 Speedsters in the first quarter of 2021, but whether that's possible in the world of COVID-19 remains to be seen. The company says this prototype is intended for "dynamic development," meaning it's going to be used to