Carpal Tunnel, What They Don't Tell You.

  • Published on:  11/16/2010
  • My Free 5 Part Series of Videos about Carpal Tunnel and FALSE Carpal Tunnel Syndromes Updated in 2016 The real reason you have carpal tunnel syndrome is muscle imbalance. The flexor muscles of the forearm become relatively stronger, tighter, thicker and shorter than the extensor muscles that perform the opposite action. This muscle imbalance bends the wrist forward, narrowing the carpal tunnel. The tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel also get thicker and shorter, this makes less room in the carpal tunnel. This irritates the tendons and further causes irritation and inflammation and pinching on the median nerve. To reverse carpal tunnel syndrome and not have carpal tunnel surgery it is necessary to balance the muscles. Stretching and exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome do not get as quick results as specific self massage techniques. You can get rid of the numbness in the hands, the tingling fingers, the pain in the forearm and tendinitis. My Blog My Carpal Tunnel Master Program

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