Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  • Published on:  11/6/2018
  • Troye Sivan visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make a chicken under a brick with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only? Try the recipe for yourself here: Sivan's latest album, Bloom, is out now. Troye also stars in 'Boy Erased', now in theaters.Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► BON APPÉTITCook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  8 months ago+170

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  • b a n n e d
    b a n n e d 9 months ago+14508

    troye just touched his hair after the chicken and im dying.

  • Darth Veedy
    Darth Veedy 9 months ago+4093

    Troye looking at the camera with a face of fear is the only reason I'm still mentally sain

  • Karmyn Hookham
    Karmyn Hookham  8 months ago+2247

    stressfully flips chicken leg over to make sure the skin isnt cut

  • I’m hiding In your closet
    I’m hiding In your closet 5 months ago+1189

    "Why is it so big?"
    "I get that a lot."

  • dylan m
    dylan m 9 months ago+2510

    carla: h-
    troye: yes

  • Julia Tran
    Julia Tran 9 months ago+3532

    “If there’s any imperfections you can kinda cover it up with the sauce”
    Troye: starts to drown half his chicken in sauce

  • Dani Moonen
    Dani Moonen 9 months ago+989

    This should be called "Troye Sivan says yEs for 14:30"

  • Kaija Brooke
    Kaija Brooke 9 months ago+1454

    Troye low key looks like Jack Frost from the guardians movie

  • Set- Tes
    Set- Tes 8 months ago+569

    I love her laugh and how good she is at explaining stuff. Even beginners can do things right with such precise informations

  • alixo
    alixo 8 months ago+678

    troye’s a big mood.
    “don’t cut through the flesh”
    troye: oh crud, did i screw up-

  • outloudkat
    outloudkat 9 months ago+5801

    Step 1: run raw chicken through your hair.

  • rye
    rye 8 months ago+545


  • ramen raven
    ramen raven 6 months ago+75

    He did very well. Seems like he's already a foodie. Asked good questions, stayed calm, respectful, nice. I have no idea who he is but it's obvious that he learns by listening (when Carla gives directions his body feezes and I can 'see' him listening.) Great job young lad.

  • Obnoxious.Dudebro
    Obnoxious.Dudebro 9 months ago+942

    Get Brendon Urie on here!!!!
    Edit: us emos must unite

  • Bel H
    Bel H 9 months ago+370

    Take a shot every time Troye says “yesss’’

  • justin miller
    justin miller 9 months ago+2274

    Touches chicken. Then touches hair ... ummm ok.

  • Army Otaku
    Army Otaku 8 months ago+429

    Whenever he looks up, terrified that he might have messed up, I am dead! A new king to stan!!

  • Audrey’s daughter
    Audrey’s daughter 3 months ago+83

    tag yourself: im the single anchovy smashed into the pesto no one will be able to taste

  • Beeboo Phan
    Beeboo Phan 9 months ago+245

    Troye said 'yes' approximately 1,000 times