Not Just A Skinny Blonde: Technology Is For Girls Too

  • Published on:  6/25/2014
  • Jessie Jane from talks about how to inspire our girls to be confident and learn about STEM.

    Join VERIZON® in encouraging her love for STEM subjects, #InspireHerMind. To learn more, visit


  • Rivera
    Rivera 10 months ago

    My goodness you do inspire me Jesse

  • thumbtak
    thumbtak 2 years ago

    HTML is the first step in the technology world. I code HTML. For me it is fun, but I venture into many different technology related topics, or levels. Hard to explain, but basically, I do a lot of technology related things. Hopefully you can expand your skills, like I have and am doing every day, but being a girl in tech should not be of concern. Just be yourself and remove the gender serotype within yourself and others. It should not be about girls or guys fields. It should just be about having fun and doing what you love.

  • Teiria Rotarangi
    Teiria Rotarangi 4 years ago

    #Inspired -happy-

  • Britney Lee
    Britney Lee 4 years ago

    Your missing one letter force stem because I remember it being steam

  • A Randomed
    A Randomed 4 years ago

    We do stem projects at my school soooo .-.

  • Sweet Pixie Animals

    Jessie did you move houses

  • Vanessa Hoang
    Vanessa Hoang 4 years ago

    smart AND pretty . aaaah

  • Cathy Veux
    Cathy Veux 4 years ago+2

    STEM means VOICE in dutch :D

  • Zxhira
    Zxhira 4 years ago+1

    I love how people are saying STEM is being sexist towards boys. No. The point of it is to encourage girls and give them opportunities within the technology industry. Boys are already given opportunities by not being restricted like girls are from when theyre young.

  • b l
    b l 4 years ago+3

    hell yeah this is great!

  • Christen Lehmann
    Christen Lehmann 4 years ago+2

    I love hearing about your back story! Good for your Mom for enrolling you in that class in 2nd grade.

  • Powertuber1000
    Powertuber1000 4 years ago+4

    This is where it gets COUNTER INTUITIVE, because females are SMART they can get all A’s in school and in college, but that is not inventive creativity is it?
    It is memorization and doing well on tests,
    Inventiveness is where the male brain excels.

    Women can be and are scientists or in STEM; however, generally speaking they have genetic limitations in those fields. The female brain has trouble relating to or visualizing abstract concepts that do not yet exist. They can see it if they are told of it after the fact, they just have trouble visualizing something that doesn’t already exist.

    So women can function in these fields, by replicating what has been done before, but not at the cutting edge of STEM.

    In Sweden, the ‘most’ feminist and egalitarian of societies,
    less than 10% of Engineers are female and only 5% of nurses are male. Females are group oriented social creatures and males are individualistic analytical creatures; it is hardwired into our brains by gender due to our completely different functions through the ages.

  • Maimarie Mercereau
    Maimarie Mercereau 4 years ago

    A noble cause and I wish this the best of luck. Unfortunately, the lack of interest isn't the problem. It's the male dominated field that keeps to the "good old boy" attitude in effect. My mother got her honor's degree in chemistry and still has yet to find work. We need the one hiring to be more open to age and gender.
    I'll be rooting for you, though!

  • Savannah Bramlett
    Savannah Bramlett 4 years ago

    I was actually in stem at my middle school but it was more about agriculture (I hated it)

  • jazevox
    jazevox 4 years ago

    growing my favorite subject in high school was math .. i ended up taking engineering in college for more math

  • hello7788
    hello7788 4 years ago

    Great message Jessie. Kudos for getting involved with STEM.

  • ESKIN - Syro
    ESKIN - Syro 4 years ago+3

    HTML is the simplest coding language, not impressed.

  • Powertuber1000
    Powertuber1000 4 years ago+2

    You cannot change One Million Years of Female Brain Evolution…
    just because it is the Politically Correct thing to do.

  • jean p
    jean p 4 years ago+1

    Hi Jessie Jane!! Love this message! Ok, it might be a tad late for me in the STEM program BUT I have some pretty brilliant sisters with young daughters that would be ideal to share this with sooo I will! Btw, huge fan of you and H&F and happy to learn that you are a techy! Keep up the great work. umm, is there anything you can't do..? Geez :)

  • MoeJoKnow
    MoeJoKnow 4 years ago+1