• Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Wanted to address everything that is going on


  • मानस
    मानस 5 hours ago

    i dont care about the video game thing please don't say racist shit then say "im just joking" just dont say that shit in the first place please

  • DjLover 21
    DjLover 21 6 hours ago

    You both are to old to YouTube, just leave old man.

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 9 hours ago

    Youre a h1pocrit3

  • I'm unsubscribing.
    I'm unsubscribing. 17 hours ago

    When are you gonna divorce so I can bang Hila

  • PickedCeasar121
    PickedCeasar121 yesterday

    I don't mind the hiatus as long as we get an update or something. Nothing too personal, just like a hey we're ok or not ok y'know? Also I hope you inform yourself more in the future for podcasts on more controversial topics that way you don't end up misinforming the impressionable and making yourself look foolish.
    I genuinely care about you guys and don't want you to go away. I hope you both feel better cause I know what it's like to lose a father figure.
    I'm sure you'll figure everything out. Everyone has ruts and low points.

  • The Obnoxious Otter

    S H O E N I C E

  • Actual Cannibal
    Actual Cannibal yesterday

    I love you papa bless

  • Sweet Pops
    Sweet Pops yesterday

    I love you guys more for this. Look after yourselves first. ❤️

  • Robert Northup
    Robert Northup 2 days ago

    Love the videos. Do what you gotta do though. Don't see how true fans could turn on u guys for that.

  • Brew Bear Brewer
    Brew Bear Brewer 2 days ago

    All I see is a beut sandwich and his beut-brella

  • Phuc Bug
    Phuc Bug 2 days ago


  • Dominik Krzemieniecki

    No matter what, this will always be my favourite channel

  • Thomas the Tank engine

    You either die a hero or see yourself live long enough to turn into the villain, h3h3

  • REDPANDA 11796
    REDPANDA 11796 3 days ago

    Yo where the new video fam

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will 3 days ago

    Ethan i am really glad you are back and you look like you have been through a lot and i like the podcast you have been doing just would wish to see you get back on your feet and start making better goofs and better gafs!

  • Anders Johnson
    Anders Johnson 4 days ago

    This is literally the same apdate from 2017

  • Vedant Kotlapure
    Vedant Kotlapure 5 days ago

    Is this dude a janitor

  • Menace TV
    Menace TV 5 days ago

    money is the root of all evil and people who aren’t close to God or aren’t religious for that fact suffer more and more this is so common between mainstream youtubers music artist anybody in the entertainment industry sadly feel make it out majority don’t it gets worse and they just try to fight it off and hide it

  • Youtube Commenter
    Youtube Commenter 6 days ago+4

    Your lack of content has made me unsubscribe. Can't support a channel that doesn't actually release content.

  • ChocolatePope
    ChocolatePope 6 days ago+6

    Goodbye Ethan, goodbye Hila. Thank you for all the goofs and every single gaff. Farewell.