• Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Wanted to address everything that is going on


  • TheBambam2371
    TheBambam2371 15 hours ago

    Praying for ya'll. Ethan taking a break was justified. Very understandable. Sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how it feels. Especially for Hila. I think your content is still great. I hope you guys feel better soon. God loves you both. God bless ya'll.

  • archie maclennan
    archie maclennan 4 days ago

    I sorta see why people might have been a bit peed off but the whole thing just seemed so minor...

  • Nyah Chan
    Nyah Chan 5 days ago

    Hey Imma always be here... Once I sub... I stay

  • Mister Physics
    Mister Physics 7 days ago

    Crapitalism is driving our species insane, the game is rigged, like the game Monopoly, the bank always wins, the working class are set up to fail.

  • Umesh Choudhary
    Umesh Choudhary 8 days ago

    My lauda is in Ethan mouth

  • Sarna Roma Te-Kiri
    Sarna Roma Te-Kiri 8 days ago

    This was so deep. I feel so connected to you guys. We love yall

  • Michele Trinder And Dylan Lennon

    Love you both.

  • Till Nuoffer
    Till Nuoffer 11 days ago

    Puh luckily i watched the vape video first so i wasent spoiled the big beginning plot

  • Gabbar Dhiman
    Gabbar Dhiman 12 days ago


  • shirley rae
    shirley rae 13 days ago

    It makes me sad that even this video got criticism, it's a genuine expression of what you've been struggling with... depression is brutal. It has robbed me of any and all motivation to do anything. The length of time I've gone without even showering is absolutely insane (and gross). I totally 1000% understand why and how you guys didn't make videos for awhile. No one is entitled to your free entertainment. I feel like YouTube audiences feel like they own youtubers & want to control them... like dance monkey dance! No. You dont owe anyone anything.
    Anyway. I'm glad you guys are back otherwise I wouldn't have discovered your channel. You both have extremely charming personalities & seem like real genuine kind people.
    Goodluck and hope you consider therapy and/or meds.

  • Desmond Jolly
    Desmond Jolly 14 days ago

    Using the same excuse

  • Ruben Sepulveda
    Ruben Sepulveda 15 days ago+2

    Man you need to have your own podcast. I’d def listen to it

  • FilmSloth
    FilmSloth 15 days ago

    Not gonna lie I just found this channel and I love it. New and old. Your fans suck. Not gonna lie. Alot of them suck. Keep doing your thing guys.

  • Matt S
    Matt S 16 days ago

    Love you guys, Fupa Nation never dies

  • jjaster8
    jjaster8 17 days ago


  • _CT_ Gaming_YT_
    _CT_ Gaming_YT_ 18 days ago

    Its ok papa bless

  • G Walsh
    G Walsh 18 days ago

    I feel you on depression, self care is so important

  • G Walsh
    G Walsh 18 days ago

    The thicc is bacc

  • Amaterasu Gōka Mekkyaku

    aw ethan dont be depressed... take saint jonhs wort.. its a herb they sell it in pill form...and has done wonders for my depression...it literally went away...also a vitamin b complex would be good...vitamin b deficiency causes depression...

  • sam
    sam 20 days ago+1

    she was pregnant in this