48 Hours In The Deep South Of New Zealand | Reveal NZ Ep. 22

  • Published on:  11/28/2020
  • Reveal New Zealand Ep 22 in the depths of the South Island. We're exploring in the Catlins, Nugget Point Lighthouse, Nugget Point Lighthouse, Purakanui Falls, Curio Bay, the Petrified Forest and finally travel down to Bluff for the famous Bluff Oysters! It's a BIG few days...⬇ More Below ⬇

    This is the largest vlog from this New Zealand road trip and travel vlog series so far! We're in the depths of the South Island exploring The Catlins initially. It's an area well known for it's incredible landscapes full of natural beauty, rare and endangered wildlife, rainforests, sandy beaches and waterfalls. It's home to Nugget Point and one of New Zealand's oldest lighthouses, Nugget Point Lighthouse.

    This is such an enormous vlog that typing out everything in the video would take longer than the edit itself haha. But if you're reading this for information on what, where, how, why etc feel free to leave a comment and we'll get back to you.

    But in short we also:

    — walk the Purakanui track which is only a 10 minute walk down to the Purakanui Falls
    — Stay at Curioscape campgrounds at Curio Bay
    — Explore the coast line and the Petrified Forest
    — Drive down to the bottom of New Zealand to a spot known as Bluff, to taste the famous Bluff Oysters

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    Time stamps:
    00:00 Intro
    01:48 Arriving At Nugget Point
    04:08 Seeing Nugget Point
    05:04 The Lighthouse
    06:32 Purakaunui Falls
    08:58 Campervan Drama
    09:35 The Great Penguin Hunt
    11:02 Petrified Forest
    14:56 Tasting Bluff Oysters
    20:16 Stace Caught In A Lie
    20:59 Next Stop...

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