Super Knockoff! VS: Driver & Saito | Character Reveal

  • Published on:  2/9/2018
  • ➤Check the Steam page for our NEW GAME! IT OFF!The Prince of Suryns has arrived! Driver is ready to destroy the arena and his opponents! Blasting into battle alongside him, Saito, the stagebound dream, leaps into the spotlight! Don't let her beauty and majesty fool you, this actress knows her way around her arsenal! Do you have the skills to master these legendary icons?!Thanks to all of your support, we and our developers at Action Panel have been able to produce Super Knockoff! VS! The game will be coming to Steam soon! Stay Subbed for more updates! Super Knockoff! VS:Steam:


  • TeamFourStar 1 years ago

    Join us tonight at 6PM CT for some Super Knock Off action! !Who's ready to KNOCK IT OFF with these new fighters!Follow Super Knockoff! VS:Steam:

  • Sadarius Bland 11 months ago

    TeamFourStar dis should totally b mobile

  • Cody O'Connell 1 years ago

    BranJohn98 thanks dude

  • Rising Superstar 1 years ago

    Remember kids: the only way to become a Super Suryn is with squats, curls, and plenty of soda.

  • Aloventor Gaming 8 months ago

    Power Suryn's are just myths! - Lord Crockpot, last seen on planet manek

  • Sharaku Jr. [Khalil] 9 months ago


  • SuperMandibleclaw 1 years ago

    I can't wait to play vege..I mean driver

  • Jessica willis 1 years ago

    There's just something about Lani screaming in his Vegeta voice that just cracks me up every time

  • WaluigiTimer 1 years ago

    Bork Blaster sounds better, more Dragon Ball-esque (Food pun)

  • Sign me up for "Last Blast"

  • Draconic Alchemist 1 years ago

    They kept Last Blast as an attack name.Life is complete.

  • That Guy 1 years ago


  • GamBit - 1 years ago

    Does driver say " I AM THE HYPE"?

  • Seacliff 1 years ago

    "Last Blast"Was Dumplin one of Driver's instructors?

  • JSHADOWM 1 years ago

    Dumplin is unlimited years old and omnidimensional. He visited the world of God Machine and learned the Last Blast from Driver.

  • Twisted Toon Taylor 1 years ago

    Driver could also be the legendary souped up suryn

  • Timothy McLean 1 years ago

    Driver is the hype.

  • Awelbeckk 1 years ago