HOW TO MAKE UDON NOODLE SOUP - Life After College Videos

  • Published on:  11/14/2015
  • How to Make Japanese Udon Noodle Soup Recipe with Niku (shabu shabu beef), soft boiled egg, fish cakes, bonito flakes, shitake mushroom, and green onions. Similar to Ramen!

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    Excerpt from VlogAfterCollege:

    Life After College calls for an upgrade to your College Meal: Udon is similar to ramen but originates from Japan. Learn how to make delicious, cheap, and easy deluxe udon. I take you grocery shopping with me to the Asian Market in order to show which ingredients I use. Then I show step-by-step, what I do in order to prepare my udon noodle dinner. As you can see, Udon can be a complete meal! Protein, Vegetables, and Carbs! (even without Shrimp Tempura)

    Ingredients: Udon Noodle Pack (with soup base) from your asian market (if no soup base is given, use "soba noodle sauce" and mix with boiling water, green onions, egg, shitake mushrooms, bonito flakes, shichimi pepper, shabu shabu style (cut) beef.

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