10 Most Recent AMAZING Archaeological Discoveries!

  • Published on:  4/24/2020
  • From cockroaches kicking wasps in the face, to enormous dinosaur bones, here are 10 amazing recent discoveries!!

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    10. Karate Kicking Cockroaches
    Emerald Jewel wasps have a particularly nasty way of finding a place to lay their eggs, in a cockroaches brain!! Then they get turned into mind-controlled zombies. Once they get stung there is not much they can do, but the cockroaches that fall victim to this technique have started to develop a surprisingly effective countermeasure.

    9. Fossil Rewrites China’s History
    Fossil discoveries can teach us a lot about the animals that once roamed the earth, but sometimes a discovery can also make us rethink our complete understanding of the entire planet! In 2018, the remains of a dinosaur were found in northern China, and its presence there tells a new story about the continents. Perhaps the previous ideas of the separation of the planet’s continents were wrong.

    8. Earth 2?
    Over the past decade, new scientific instruments have allowed researchers to explore the universe like never before. One of the most interesting fields of study is the search for exoplanets, or planets outside of our solar system that orbits a star, much like Earth orbits the sun. Over the past few years, hundreds of these exoplanets have been found, especially with the help of TESS, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.
    One of the most exciting discoveries was TOI 700 d.

    7. Egyptian Treasure
    Archaeologists recently announced the discovery of an important artifact in Egypt, and one that they hope may lead them to the location of a long lost burial chamber. Researchers from Poland were scouring through what appeared to be trash near the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, which is a structure at a complex of ancient tombs on the west bank of the Nile called Deir el-Bahari.

    6. Skull Of An Ancient Ancestor
    It has long been known that humans evolved from the same ancestors as other primates many millions of years ago, but the exact point at which we branched off in a different direction isn’t yet fully understood. Our own species, homo sapiens, are thought to have developed around 100 thousand years ago, but a recent discovery in Ethiopia is thought to be the remains of one of the earliest known direct human ancestors, who lived in the region around 3.8 million years ago.

    5. Medieval Sword in Danish Sewer
    Searching through a sewer you might not expect to find anything too useful among all the sludge and waste, but in early 2019 a team of engineers found something unexpected… a medieval sword.

    4. Giant Dinosaur Bone
    In 2019, scientists in South-Western France uncovered an enormous dinosaur thigh bone at an excavation site. Measured to be 6.6 feet long (two meters), the thigh bone is believed to have belonged to a sauropod, one of the largest land animals that ever existed. They were herbivores with a long neck and tail.

    3. Aged Beer
    Construction workers were digging up a parking lot in the city of Leeds in the Uk, when they uncovered the remains of an old building that had long been covered over, along with hundreds of perfectly preserved products that had been made there. The thing that made this find special, though, was that the building used to be a pub, and there were hundreds of bottles of beer!

    2. A New Continent
    How many continents do you think there are on earth? While the usual answer is 7, the more we learn about the makeup of our planet, the more we learn that its structure is much more complicated than we had realized.

    1. Goliath The Massive Tadpole
    In ponds and slow flowing rivers at the right time of year, you might find thousands of tadpoles swimming around, just waiting to become toads and frogs. But how big do you think one of these creatures can actually grow to be?