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    *JYP Entertainment to take legal action against malicious comments about TWICE*Source: AllkpopIf you see any negative comments just report them. Because of Seungri‘s scandal there are even rumors about TWICE, even though they don’t have anything to do with it.

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    Bye bye seungri....

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    Vote rating is increasing everyday for Twice in best GG. So don't stop voting for Twice in Soompi

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    Twice is the first K-pop Girl Group ever to hold a Dome Tour in Japan.The 5 Dome concerts estimate to bring the total of attendance to 210,000 people. The performance will include the tracks from theirlatest album Twice 2. Tickets sold out within 1 minute of openingGeneral sales. Twice Japan Dome Tour 2019 "Dream day":March 20: Kyocera Dome Osaka (start: 18:30)March 21: Kyocera Dome Osaka (start: 17:00)March 29: Tokyo Dome (start: 18:00)March 30: Tokyo Dome (start: 18:00)April 6: Nag...

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    TWICE - Yes Or Yes3/16 0.00 KST 🌏 157,806,911 (130D 6H)3/17 0.00 KST 🌏 158,258,469 (131D 6H)Today *451,558 views*👉 Yes Or Yes 200 Million👉 Dance The Night Away 200 Million👉 Likey 400 Million👉 Like OOH-AHH 300 Million👉 What Is Love 300 Million👉 Candy Pop 🍬 100 MillionLove TWICE💓💓

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    Please vote for TWICE in soompi(application)- Best Female Group (2nd) - Artist of the year (-)- Song of the year (-)- Music video of the year (4th)

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    Kitten_The_Gamer a random third party kpop news app created for international audiences. We want twice to win still download the app and vote vote vote. Called soompi.

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    What is the soompi application

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    TWICE has 46% of the girl group album sales made by all girl groups since Oct 20th, 2015.ONCE did that. 😊

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    An unhelpful guild to new ONCE1. Nayeon - The pretty and talented one2. JeongYeon - The pretty and talented one3. Momo - The pretty and talented one4. Sana - The pretty and talented one5. JiHyo - The pretty and talented one6. Mina - The pretty and talented one7. DaHyun - The pretty and talented one8. ChaeYoung - The pretty and talented one9. TzuYu - The pretty and talented oneYou are welcome! YES OR YES?

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    Thank you even though I'm not new :)

  • *Please vote for TWICE in Soompi Award now* They have 26.12% of votes in BFG now. Let's keep voting!!!

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    Billboard Japan Hot Album March 17:#1 - Twice 2 - 2nd Best Album.Billboard Japan Hot Albums of the Year 2018:#12-Twice - BDZ.Congrats to Twice! <3

  • Be Realistic Hoe (1 day ago)

    Twice is actually a pretty tall girl group. Tzuyu Jeongyeon and Sana and Mina and Nayeon are not short. Litterally all of twice except for Dahyun and Chaeyoung (💋💋🥰🥰🥰) are above average height in Asia. Tzuyu is above women’s average height in 97% of countries LMAO.

  • yeonnie (3 hours ago)

    +TWICE Nayeon's biggest fan yes, that's the most accurate

  • Tzuyu : 171cmJeongyeon: 168cmSana: 166cmNayeon: 164cmMomo: 164cmMina: 163cmJihyo: 160cmDahyun: 160cmChaeyoung: 159cmIf not mistake.

  • Be Realistic Hoe (2 days ago)

    Twice cheer up was almost Korea’s unofficial national anthem. LMAO so nice that people started calling them nations gg after less than 1 year debut. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    +dimplepop lmao, considering cheer up's popularity in korea and the fact that it was national slogan... it seriously was almost unofficial anthem

  • Be Realistic Hoe (13 hours ago)

    dimplepop joke lol.