Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN#News


  • Yacine ⵣ
    Yacine ⵣ  6 hours ago

    of course he is a fucking homophobe !

  • Yacine ⵣ
    Yacine ⵣ 6 hours ago

    this awful homophobe guy is a fucking closet gay !

  • Carolyn Harvey
    Carolyn Harvey 7 hours ago

    The Devil gets people in bondage, try to make certain actions or behaviors acceptable to everyone and when people don’t go for it you want to get so upset 😭. Sounds like a cry 😢 for help to me. You are being used, I hope you know that Mr. Lemon.
    What you want is never going to happen for you or any one else in your “community “. You can be assured of that. You want let people be free to believe what they want to believe. They have to trust in their own convictions.

  • Lamont Brooks
    Lamont Brooks 8 hours ago

    Don Lemon...are you Black 1st or Gay 1st? We as Heterosexual Men aren't gonna allow Homosexuals to punk us. Once we feel weren't being punked, that could start a gender or sexuality war. And I'll be on the Front line to protect my MANHOOD.

  • Lamont Brooks
    Lamont Brooks 8 hours ago

    I applaud Kevin Hart. Most Straight Men don't want to be affiliated with Homosexuals. What's wrong with that?

    JOHN COLLINS 8 hours ago

    Hmm i keep disliking this video and refresh and do it again. Youtube not taking my dislike. They said too many. Were trying to paint a narrative here and your fucking it up! Done it four times now.

    JOHN COLLINS 8 hours ago

    Judging from your comment section Donnie boy, you just lost a good portion of the black community.

  • Richard Lane
    Richard Lane 9 hours ago

    Well How about?????REMEMBER BACK in ..APRIL 2018 ..... on a Nicholas Ballasy 1:55 sec interview . And AFTER YOU ....tell him """"Kanye West should be CAREFUL about what he TWEETS"""" Nicholas Ballasy .......A$K$ you Don.........""""""""" what about the JOY REID CONTROVERSY???""" at which point YOU AGAIN were talking about you DON ....... go on this .............""""""BLAH BLAH I haven't $EEN THE PO$T MY$ELF but we gotta wait for the ....................FACT$................ too come out................but..........IF.........$HE .......did then .......$HE.......... $HOULD given a CHANCE to APOLOGIZE and MOVE on........ cuz........... I know her she's a AMAZING PERSON"""" bit? You REMEMBER THAT DON ??? Cuz the NET $URE DOE$

  • David Freyre
    David Freyre 9 hours ago

    This is like when your 5 year old hits your 3 year old and you tell your 5 year old to say sorry and then he says he's sorry and then your 3 year old continues to cry and you're like, ok stop crying it's ok now, and he still keeps crying and your like dude it's fine, then he goes on about other mean kids and the time he lost his balloon and all 5 year olds are mean and everyones mean and nobody likes him and everything is so sad and life is pretty much over

  • Jay Sanova
    Jay Sanova 10 hours ago

    Land of the free my ass.

  • Gino Younger
    Gino Younger 14 hours ago

    Its not a job for black men to be allies to the lbgtqrstuv community... Stay strong black men the war against us is boiling over we can make it

  • Ithesphdzpress
    Ithesphdzpress 16 hours ago

    Just moved to California from New York and now I get why "gays" are going so hard. Everyone out here is sensitive af (politically correct). Shut the fuck up w that bs. Kevin is not even that funny, let him have w.e jokes he can. Lgbtq community needs to worry about they're own, stop dwelling in what ppl got to say about you. Ppl always gonna have something to say. Live and let live.

  • Diane Nuts
    Diane Nuts 17 hours ago

    Where is the old news of the democrats wanting a wall when Obama was president????

  • frank bob
    frank bob 18 hours ago

    Good job Kevin Heart we need to kill all these sodomites

  • Marlie Marlie
    Marlie Marlie 19 hours ago

    I think this man is in love with Kevin hart 😏🤔

  • Loqman Tang
    Loqman Tang 22 hours ago

    LGBT is a joke. Being offended by just a little tweet from years back. This is why the world can't be peaceful. Little tip to people who gets offended quickly. Suck it up and ignore. Its not like it's the end of the world. Just move on with your daily life and don't cause trouble for people.

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 22 hours ago+1

    Don Lemonhead is as far left as you can get.

  • Jerrod Cooper
    Jerrod Cooper 22 hours ago

    Fuck their choice of lifesyle. You're a gay man with a white boyfriend. Fuck you dude.

  • Timothy Evans
    Timothy Evans 22 hours ago

    Can't make people comform to wickedness get back in the closets and crevices of society where you belong and the LGBT community need to repent because right is right and wrong is wrong period!

  • Bilal Rana
    Bilal Rana yesterday

    Dislikes says everything. Thats why if life gives you lemons, fuck those lemons. Because its LEMON FUCKING LEMON.