Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN#News


  • Mrs. Mikey 5 months ago

    Insane, I’m done with cnn.

  • David Rodgers 5 months ago

    Miss Mickey there are four journalist that are homosexuals at CNN. You are obviously totally insensitive to the needs of homosexuals. I personally apologized to Don Lemon by saying " I am sorry that you are a butt f**king, dick sucking, ass licking homosexual". It has helped me to recover my sensitivity to homosexuals. Heartfelt apologies really do work.

  • Russell Walton 5 months ago

    Mrs. Mikey I’m done with all of US media..

  • Beaver Brain 5 months ago

    If apologies are never enough, then people are just going to stop apologizing.

  • Ander Jem 2 months ago

    Beaver Brain my biggest issue with his apology was that he didn’t do it on his own. He was kinda forced into apologizing; so for me personally, I don’t think it counts.

  • Perry Forsyth 3 months ago

    Sometimes an apology just ISNT enough, an apology is admitting youre wrong, but this doesnt excuse what theyve done

  • Minwoo Kim 5 months ago

    Kevin's HeART ain't in it Don....leave the man be....stop trying to play a victim

  • SinnerDizzle 5 months ago

    Worst journalist of the year, Don Lemon, Worst Journalist of the Year.

  • DeFresh 4 months ago

    😂😂😂 hilarious

  • David Jones 4 months ago

    Don is the LGBT person your mother warned you about

  • Francis Moses 5 months ago

    I have had enough ...u gay ppl think if someone does not like ur life style then they are homophobic. I thought phobia meant fear; don't see anyone fearing ur kind Don.

  • Cab Noah 5 days ago

    I really don't think it matters whether or not people like our lifestyle or not. Personally I don't care for yours, and that's not a bad or offensive thing. As long as you're not threatening people or seriously putting people down because of what they can't control, I dont see why anyone cares.

  • Francis Moses 9 days ago

    @The Community Fusion Network wow...such intelligence, I'm impressed

  • Jay Jay 5 months ago

    This video deserves one million dislikes

  • David Rodgers 5 months ago

    Jay. You are obviously insensitive to the needs of homosexuals. I personally apologized to Don Lemon by saying "I am sorry that you are a butt f**king, dick sucking, ass licking homosexual". I found that it made me feel much more sensitive to the needs of homosexuals. Heartfelt sincere apologies really do make you a better person.

  • Garrett Nobles 5 months ago

    EagerJohnny point of comment?

  • yobabybubba 5 months ago

    Haha he said "my transgender *brothers and sisters"* *(male and female).. That's right, you acknowledged the only 2 genders.* Don't you see it people, you can't control what people say.. The ones that try to enforce it can't even do it.

  • yobabybubba 4 months ago

    @Tyler Russell welcome to the Internet. Where some days you may just be disappointed at what other people say. 😥

  • Tyler Russell 4 months ago

    @yobabybubba well all in a day's work to be honest. Hope you think twice before posting shit like that, maybe people such as myself won't bother you so much

  • Jonathan Martinez 5 months ago

    Now you see why Donald Trump hates CNN

  • man you need to expand your viewCNN is are just a bunch of liberal hacks sure and liberals are cancer but make no mistake the whole world hates trumptrump is a fucking bully and i can prove it i also think he is very egotistical and it shows in the way he leads and in the way he carries himself

  • Mad Pierrot 4 months ago

    Not just Trump #metoo

  • Bobo Jallow 5 months ago

    The first CNN video I come across with 21k dislike and 4.4k likeDon Lemon You are fired.

  • Barton Atkins 5 months ago

    Add odds with Kevin Hart? Watch your ratings fall again Lemon. This is not news.

  • Ortez W 2 months ago

    Man that makes no sense at all. That's a choice two men. Two women. That is a choice I give you the respect o making a choice. Doesn't mean I got to like or respect your choice I don't think Leviticus like that either something about abomination. So with that who are you going to ask to apologize for that God please. Just live your life everybody ain't with it and that's not homophobia just the stain

  • Gotallofthem1 5 months ago

    CNN ratings fall? Hahahaha and how exactly is that going to happen? You do realize that as strong as the "black lives matter" movement is to the Left the "lgbtq lives movement" is even stronger.