Adriatique for VSNZ - Above the Alps [4K]

  • Published on:  4/9/2021
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    VSNZ invited Adriatique to record a DJ set in a helicopter while hovering over the picturesque nature of their homeland – Switzerland.

    VSNZ – The Swiss Alps, where our heart is. After months of hard work, we are finnaly able to show you the beautiful landscape of what we call home.
    Paired with our passion for music and the goal to share these unique moments with everyone, Adriatique set the perfect soundscape for this trip over our snowy montains.
    So please sit back, enjoy the flight and let the music carry you on this journey.

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    Produced by VSNZ

    Artist: Adriatique
    Executive Producers: Benjamin Rubi, Katja Rütti
    Art Director: Benjamin Rubi
    Pilots: Christoph Graf, Markus Kohler
    Aerial DoP: Gérald Gafner
    Camera Crew: Dominik Trauffer, Felipe Giacometti, Silvio Flückiger, Menk Rufibach, Gérald Gafner
    Director Documentary : Dominik Trauffer
    Ground Crew: Katja Rütti, Lars Wanner, Marc Rico, Jessica Rico, Caroline Schwendener, Levin Graf
    Technical Support: Rolf Balmer, Markus Kohler
    Post Production: Benjamin Rubi
    Colorist: Felipe Giacometti

    Recording date: March 10th 2021
    Location : Jungfrau Region, Swiss Alps

    Special thanks to:
    PHILME Media Motion:

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