Bryce Dallas Howard Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • MG7 Plays 5 months ago

    Someone that actually answers the questions properly

  • Ashraf Anam yesterday

    @Wacky Weasel Hey I wanted to say that but you two weeks ahead of me!

  • ystäväsi nuutti 2 days ago

    ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal's interview was the funniest for me, i actually watched it for the third time a minute ago and it still kept me wheezing. i'd call that answering questions properly

  • karmichel 5 months ago

    Wired, call more people like her, this is a proper Interview, she is awesome!

  • Foodie Eats 3 days ago

    *She THICCCC*

  • Ju Juju 5 months ago

    I love that she answered the questions properly unlike some of the guests

  • Tia Aaron 10 days ago

    @marie z She's pretentious.

  • Mehul Koshti 5 months ago

    So no top searches has,"How did she run in those high heels in Jurassic world?".

  • QUEENDOM 11 days ago

    @Mishanne you cant run in dirt or sand or slippery surfaces

  • Ciará Castex 11 days ago

    Usually, every woman can run in high heels :)

  • Geovanni Rosales 5 months ago

    homegirl is kinda nuts and I'm here for it

  • J Dawg 4 months ago

    You're here to nut over homegirl

  • Jonny3 5 months ago

    She played Gwen Stacey, but what’s funny is that with her natural hair, she looks a lot more like Mary Jane Watson.

  • Celtic Gamer yesterday

    @Tia Aaron nah then bryce need to be a thot in spider-man

  • ArtjomAlexandsson 6 days ago


  • japanese heartbeats 5 months ago

    she kinda looks like Adele when her face is fuller like this. They're both adorable too!

  • Chloe Leanne Smith 6 days ago

    @Alex Croton that's what I was just thinking

  • Borderlands And gmm 11 days ago


  • Gai the Second 5 months ago

    I like how she answers every question seriously and gave full on responses to them. Rather than half assed answers given by most celebs that have done this that clearly wasn't interested in doing it for the fans.

  • Bovine Lubbux 24 days ago

    It's the Capricorn in her #CapricornGang

  • - M4gnix - 1 months ago

    Gai the Second yeah like brie larsonsWhich where the meme was born“Is this a personal Attack”

  • it's just brandy 5 months ago

    She actually did this interview correctly and I applaud her for that. Also, well done on the cry.

  • Gaby Castelblanco 5 months ago

    She's an amazing actress and very underrated in my opinion

  • Katie Maier 1 months ago


  • د. عبدالله 3 months ago

    totally agree