Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares



  • "He seemed very confrontational."Says the guy dressed in all black and sunglasses who walked in like a Bond villain without cracking a smile.

  • Dunder Mifflin 3 days ago

    squidward’s mustache 😂😂😂😂

  • twirly whirly 4 days ago

    Leonard, David Leonard

  • Bill Ross 2 months ago

    That owners entrance looks like an introduction of a city crime boss

  • slice of Art 9 days ago

    I was almost gonna say that part like "mafia"

  • Sharvin Sarma 13 days ago

    Bill Ross IKR!!

  • Cameron Blake 1 months ago

    Steven lowkey had a preexisting crush on Gordon lol

  • • Sunshine • 8 hours ago

    Can you blame him

  • Dr Baffles918 1 months ago

    no one:Michael: My name is Steven if u need anything let me know

  • Little Fluffykitty 3 days ago

    Nah I think his name was Phillip

  • Who cares what his name is. I wanna meet him so bad. He seems so nice

  • “You’re a kidder” God bless his soul

  • @Saint Cocaine wtf

  • Hi it's me 4 days ago

    private Jocker

  • "My name is Steven.""I like the enthusiasm by the way"*voice breaks* "Thank yOUu-"

  • Czech Paratrooper 3 days ago

    @Jacob Venevongsoth Why would I do that?Sounds like you have autism!You doesn't understand what I wrote?

  • Jacob Venevongsoth 4 days ago

    Czech Paratrooper you must make fun of people with autism too. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Angel Sajan 2 months ago

    That steven boy is actually really nice and I love the way he sees something good in Gordon.

  • Yu Jin Covers 5 days ago

    @Zekruri I though you were American ( badum tssssk )

  • Anh Phi Phạm 1 months ago

    "What's up?""Well, he likes steven" 😂😂😂

  • He's precious😂

  • lukasz Tobys 16 days ago

    You mean Michael?

  • The White Mat Studio 2 months ago

    LOL that first owner walked in like he was some sort of gangster. He was the oddly confrontational one.

  • Logan Hass 12 days ago

    @Meredith Jenkins nah he just act like he is better then gordon, he never met someone who doesn't get intimidated by him

  • This is Patrick 13 days ago

    Nah, he doesn't look like a mob boss, he's more of a movie villain's wannabe sidekick.

  • Sasha Dee 19 days ago

    Steven my boy, get out of that restaurant. You deserve better.

  • Sasha Dee 15 days ago

    @Machine_Gun_Kelly He's the best part of this episode

  • Machine_Gun_Kelly 15 days ago

    Sasha Dee he gay