Bakery work with sourdough in Japan 〈1〉| A guy makes over 20 kinds of bread alone

  • Published on:  3/9/2019
  • Family owned bakery in Japan.
    sourdough cultivated at shop, organic ingredients, family operated.
    Location: Osafune and Ushimado city Okayama prefecture

    Baker : Ryuji Koiwai
    Bakery`s name : OBST (オぷスト)

    He had trained the bakery 'Lapin Noir' in Japan.
    This attachment is the PR movie about Lapin Noir.

    ※ He make all breads by 4 types of wild yeast (sourdough, raisin, whole grain & sake). And these are all cultivated at shop.
    ※In April 2020, we have charged for plastic bags.We have stopped packing individual breads and have reduced the amount of plastic bags.