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  • im_ mia 1 months ago

    I really can’t decide if I find him attractive or not - like he has such a unique face and the longer I look at him the worse my confusion getsEdit: 5 days and 4.4k people agreeeing later - I’m still confused

  • Ivy C yesterday


  • Aajar Asia 8 days ago

    I think It's bc you don't get the korean beauty 😂😎

  • ScarlettP 1 months ago

    Why does Charles look like a handsome version of Squidward lol

  • simple 4 days ago


  • elle beth 8 days ago


  • Adrian Garcia 1 months ago

    I like his monotone voice it’s unexpectedly funny

  • Amellie Zaitzev 1 months ago

    I thought ur name was Ariana grande

  • Brilliant Star 1 months ago

    ✨capricorn tingz ✨

  • ScarlettP 1 months ago

    I see why Cami fell for Charles, he such a good looking guy and he's funny too

  • Carara Bear 1 months ago

    I sometimes forget that he isn't actually the original Reggie and that I low key didn't like him at first😶

  • Aaliyah Cruz 6 days ago


  • Meg Luu 23 days ago

    Omg jessie

  • Would You Rather WYW 1 months ago

    Google: who is Charles Melton dating?Charles: my girlfriend. what kind of question is that people?Me: literally dying 😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Iliyan Zhel 1 months ago

    figuratively* goddamit

  • The Queen 1 months ago

    Okay but if they broke up it would not look awkward cus he didnt say the name

  • Eden Swartzentruber 1 months ago


  • Meg Luu 23 days ago

    Omg Yas Jessie

  • Impossible 1 months ago

    That smeagol voice was on point

  • alize03 Mendoza 18 days ago

    It really was!

  • Amda Donkey 1 months ago

    @Impossible I hope you had a good day 🙋

  • casper7319 1 months ago

    I like how he responds sincerely instead of blowing off the questions like a lot of celebrities.

  • Celeste Moon 1 months ago

    Exactly, she just had sarcastic answers 🙄

  • cloudy tutorials 1 months ago

    @Luke Yost is tHaT a pErSoNaL aTtAcK

  • Jaleen Morris 1 months ago

    When he started singing “Halo” 😂😂

  • Brooke Lynn Sanchez 1 months ago


  • camisha mill 1 months ago

    i literally died