Thomas Train Stunts



  • 家族温泉
    家族温泉 yesterday

    TOMAS with RedBull

  • Naser Khafaga
    Naser Khafaga 2 days ago

    I came here because of dailydose of internet

  • Goldenfire Fox
    Goldenfire Fox  2 days ago

    I used to have those train toys and tracks when I was little! I loved Thomas and friends and loved playing with those toys! I kind of miss them.

  • SebTheThomasFan1
    SebTheThomasFan1 2 days ago

    The unaired episode of Thomas The Tank Engine

  • planetaryiam954
    planetaryiam954 2 days ago+1

    You have to wonder what Sir Topham Hatt would say if he saw this.

  • Grzegorz Jan
    Grzegorz Jan 3 days ago

    i loved to play with these when young but now this blowed my mind i need to do this!

  • Matthew Forman-Clark

    Fun fact: Thomas isn’t a train does anyone use a dictionary nowadays?

  • Jxng.yii
    Jxng.yii 8 days ago

    ThIs Is YoUr DaILy DoSe Of InTeRnET

  • The rise of the Freg

    Good night thomas.

  • happyningaturtle
    happyningaturtle 9 days ago+1

    Oh my god I had this stuff as a kid!!!

  • Charlotte Holliday
    Charlotte Holliday 9 days ago


  • JF Bricks
    JF Bricks 9 days ago+1

    I don't even like Thomas the tank engine but I LOVE this! Great job!

  • IT Toys
    IT Toys 9 days ago

    wonderful video, and great idea, really good! Hello from Italy

  • PhrontDoor
    PhrontDoor 10 days ago

    Well done :)

  • QuantumStriker 003
    QuantumStriker 003 14 days ago

    Oh my gosh, I can't imagine the amount of time you guys poured into preparing the tracks for such smooth tricks. Awesome.

  • Hamilton 68
    Hamilton 68 15 days ago

    Since when is Thomas a stunt train

  • shine
    shine 15 days ago+1

    a legend has just born, and his name is Thomas the Train

  • liam jorgensen
    liam jorgensen 15 days ago


  • DJ_Fishtail
    DJ_Fishtail 15 days ago+1

    Thomas when he's on drugs.

  • Jomer Tomale
    Jomer Tomale 15 days ago

    Now that's *DANK*