iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!



  • SaCHiN SiNGH
    SaCHiN SiNGH 24 minutes ago

    "R" stand for Reject the apple go for oneplus

  • Dominik Schemhaus
    Dominik Schemhaus 44 minutes ago

    The human eye can see 291 PPI on average. Thats why it’s called a RETINA Display, and thats what [R] stands for. So if more Pixel doesn’t make sense (on that size and distance), why go up with resolution?

  • Friendly Potato
    Friendly Potato 57 minutes ago

    iPhone 5c of 2k18

  • Vick S
    Vick S an hour ago

    Death of Apple has begun....

  • 채연상균
    채연상균 2 hours ago

    Just look at the thickness of the bezel. wtf

    DENVIOUS MARS 2 hours ago+1

    Other phones: Innovation and improving of phones over the years.
    Iphone: downgrade over time

    DENVIOUS MARS 2 hours ago+1

    2:54 when the blurred camera using to record this video is clearer than the Iphone. Lol

  • Muffin shooter
    Muffin shooter 3 hours ago

    The "R" stands for robbery

  • stefano limone
    stefano limone 3 hours ago

    iPhone XR hasn’t the same RAM of X

  • Uno A Caso
    Uno A Caso 3 hours ago

    Like se sei qui per BlackGeek

  • Kyu Kun
    Kyu Kun 3 hours ago

    the black frame is so annoying!!

  • mohamed zormati
    mohamed zormati 3 hours ago+1

    Just bey a samsung

  • EIEH
    EIEH 4 hours ago

    r means retarded

  • Prasun Bhowmick
    Prasun Bhowmick 4 hours ago

    R stands for colo'R'😆

  • Warm-Core Cyclones
    Warm-Core Cyclones 5 hours ago

    If you're someone who judges a phone based on the quality of the screen alone, then you're an idiot. The Xr costs so much because it has killer internal specs, it has a fantastic operating system, a stunning camera and many, many more features. Yeah sure a $200 Android phone may have a better screen resolution but I doubt the build quality will be as good, nor the actual quality of the LCD panel. The screen will be fine, stop stressing about it people.

  • Shaurya Singh
    Shaurya Singh 5 hours ago

    R stands for Reality!

  • Anchit sharma
    Anchit sharma 7 hours ago

    same ram really?

  • samarth kumar
    samarth kumar 7 hours ago

    This IPHONE is like IPHONE 5c Colour wise

  • samarth kumar
    samarth kumar 7 hours ago

    If this phone have 1080p screen im sold!

  • Grim Hermit
    Grim Hermit 7 hours ago

    Iphone X
    Is better