Make Paneer Chili Pockets like Mc'Donalds !! ( Menu introduced after Kungfu Panda 2 release )

  • Published on:  7/17/2016
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    This is the new menu introduced by McDonald's just after the release of Kunfu panda 2 as a chinese menu. This is very exciting recipe, a mixture of chinese sauces with all the veggies.

    Following are the ingredients and its substitutes :

    For Dough :

    - All purpose flour
    - Oil
    - Baking Powder ( For 1 Cup flour : Put 1 Tsp baking powder : If added more the dough could become bitter )
    - Salt
    - Ice Cold water
    * Keep the dough in warm place using wet cloth for atleast 3-4 hrs

    For Filling :

    - Finely chopped onion
    - Finely chopped Red, yellow, Green bell peppers
    - Finely chopped boiled carrots
    - Finely chopped boiled french beans
    - Tomato Ketchup
    - Green chilli sauce
    - Soya Sauce
    - Salt
    - Mixed herbs
    - Red Chili flakes
    - Finely chopped Cottage cheese ( Paneer )
    - Spring onions

    And serve it with love....

    Please watch the recipe and enjoy this fast food recipe and serve it with love and without additional flavor enhancers or chemicals.

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