Men Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Men



  • Lindsey Oliveira
    Lindsey Oliveira 9 days ago

    The guy in the pink shirt is effing hot!

  • Asa Holmes
    Asa Holmes 15 days ago

    Petition to get that poor man some hair on his head now!

  • Misses Pancakes
    Misses Pancakes 1 months ago

    Wow these men restored my faith that someday I will find a good bf. Thank you guys! xD

  • Doge is Not Dead
    Doge is Not Dead 1 months ago

    This is so bad…

  • Alisha mona
    Alisha mona 1 months ago

    this made me smile you are good men

  • dmrgaming
    dmrgaming 1 months ago

    Not a single one of those guys liked catcalling stop thinking that acknowledging existence is a cat call get over yourself

  • Tass Neffati
    Tass Neffati 1 months ago

    It's so sad knowing that men are being judged because they don't have muscles.. Not all women like big muscles, you should just take care of yourself and be clean that's it !

  • Hadi f.
    Hadi f. 1 months ago

    Dudes with beards are so hot. Facial hair makes a guy 100 times sexier. I personally don't ALWAYS find a clean-shaved guy attractive. Very picky when it comes to clean-shaved guys lol but a beard can hide anything

  • Claire's Sassy Broadcast
    Claire's Sassy Broadcast 2 months ago+1

    The one wearing the red hoodie is soooo cute!!!

  • saltandpeppers
    saltandpeppers 2 months ago

    The Hollister comment got to me. :(

  • Jazz _
    Jazz _ 2 months ago

    the one in brownnnn who is he???

  • Leilani Rubio
    Leilani Rubio 2 months ago

    The guy in the brown is beautiful and amazing & akward i love that dude

  • Aidan Cox
    Aidan Cox 2 months ago

    Near the end when it talks about insecurity I almost cried

  • Colleen Church
    Colleen Church 2 months ago

    The guy who bought a new wardrobe after the hollister comment is so cute🙌🏻😍 you do you stay confident

  • Maddie Wild
    Maddie Wild 2 months ago

    The guy in the tan shirt is so freaking adorable. "People don't like me" Not true, we all love you❤️ He changed his wardrobe because of one comment😭 I wanna say "don't do that, you're cute any way you want to dress", but I can't. A relative told me that you could tell I needed to exercise because of the shirt I was wearing and I never wore it again.🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm honestly the exact same "Am I loud? Am I obnoxious? Does this person actually like me or just not wanna be mean?" And the catcalling thing is so obnoxious. It happens to me so much and when it's a group of dudes, it makes me feel unsafe. You're right. It needs to stop. I love this video so much honestly.😍

  • Gage Westerhouse
    Gage Westerhouse 3 months ago

    BuzzFeed; please stop using just your employees for these q/a videos.

  • Jorgie Gaming
    Jorgie Gaming 3 months ago

    Why are there gay guys on here

  • Josh Cims
    Josh Cims 3 months ago

    I just don't get the inspirational music throughout the video

  • Luca R
    Luca R 4 months ago

    I swear any video of men on Buzzfeed has to go back to how men are abusive to women and a burden? Yet when women are shown, it’s all about society and men’s pressure on women. Can’t men just be represented as nice human beings for one video?

  • SupaSuccSuit
    SupaSuccSuit 4 months ago

    Are all these guys gay?