What Happened To JORDAN RAY (LaMelo's Best Friend) And Where Is He NOW In 2020?

  • Published on:  4/13/2020

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    We first heard of Jordan Ray playing with the Atlanta Ballers in the JBA league where his elite performances earned him a spot on the JBA USA team that toured across Europe playing pro teams. He first began receiving notoriety within the community, when uniquesportsplus released the story that Ray had received an invite to the 2019 NBA draft combine. Which to all out of people, my misinformed self at the time who dropped a video on the story. Legitimized him as the first serious NBA prospect not named Ball from the JBA.
    It was on the JBA tour, where Jordan developed a close relationship with Lamelo Ball. People from the tour have told me that the pair were inseparable, they were roommates and did everything from working out to play games together. This time last year around the BBB All American game, Jordan and Lamelo seemed closer than ever. Jordan was rocking with family, sitting courtside in Vegas. And he even permanently moved into the BBB mansion for several months. During vegas ball is life released a video titled, Lamelo Ball has another brother. Focusing more on Jordan's basketball career while briefly highlighting his friendship with Lamelo. So basically a Jordan Ray video leeching of Melo's name for views, kinda like the video you're watching right now.
    After that ball is life video dropped, portraying Jordan out to be an NBA prospect. His clout was at an all-time high, his Instagram likes and followers skyrocketed. He was receiving attention from the biggest media outlet in high school basketball, as well as featuring one of the biggest reality shows. For those 2/3 weeks, Jordan Ray must've felt on top of the world, that was until I dropped one of the more impactful videos I've made on the channel. Titled exposing Jordan Ray the JBA's biggest fraud. The video massed over 200,000 views, where after extensive research, I found evidence that debunked a whole of speculations about Jordan's college recruitment, his invite to the draft combine and even flat out lies such as his age and place of birth. In response to this video, Jordan's had to turn off comments on his Instagram because of the backlash and his representatives reached out to me on Instagram, demanding I took down the video for defamation of character. I agreed to do so on the condition that Jordan came on the channel and addressed these questions man to man. And props to Jordan for that, he was man enough to face the music. However instead of coming clean about certain things, he doubled down on certain statements where he didn't have a leg to stand on. Shortly after it was brought to my attention by some subscribers, that all 3 of the ball brothers had unfollowed Jordan on Instagram. This suggests there was some kind of fallout internally, considering at this point they were living together.

    As for Jordan returning to the court and playing competitive basketball. I've been told he everything was set up and agreed for Ray to play pro in Belarus. He'd apparently signed the contract and was going to fly over to begin training with the team in preparation for next season. Prior to this crisis that has put the move and everything else in the sports world on hold.
    It was also mentioned that this summer, assuming basketball continues as normal. That Jordan Ray and Lamelo Ball were planning on reuniting on the court alongside each other in the Drew League, now I don't know how much truth that story holds. We did see Lamelo team up with chino hills teammates Onyeka Okongwu and Eli Scott last summer in the Drew League, I can imagine the last thing on this mind I can imagine is teaming up with Holywood Ray in the drew league. However only time will tell, and if there's one thing time can tell us. Is what comes of Jordan Ray's doesn't tend to age very well, and that is not my opinion that is just fact.