Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikazehttp://eminem.comhttp://facebook.com/eminemhttp://twitter.com/eminemhttp://instagram.com/eminemhttp://eminem.tumblr.comhttp://shadyrecords.comhttp://facebook.com/shadyrecordshttp://twitter.com/shadyrecordshttp://instagram.com/shadyrecordshttp://trustshady.tumblr.comMusic video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Recordshttp://vevo.ly/0XH5c8


  • Ghostrevivalist
    Ghostrevivalist 3 months ago+9328

    Drake: I’m definitely the most popular rapper alive
    Eminem: Hold my dictionary

  • doberman negro
    doberman negro 14 days ago+1179

    When the two smart kids of the school are in the same team

  • Gamerninja67 Minecraft FNAF and more!!

    0% nudity
    0% bragging about girls
    1% drugs (ketamine and methamphetamine were mentioned in the fast verse by Eminem)
    94% skill
    5% dabbing

  • jonh ugay
    jonh ugay 7 days ago+827

    If 6ix9ine does his time in prison does that make him the first mumble rapper to finish a sentence? 🤔

  • Shiny Wagyu
    Shiny Wagyu yesterday+50

    My friend: Is eminem the god of rapping or dissing?
    Me: Both

  • Majestic Mahi
    Majestic Mahi 2 days ago+153

    This song has a problem
    It ends..

  • SOMESH Kumar
    SOMESH Kumar 14 days ago+727

    Lil pump: God sent me to teach rap.

  • Dustin Ng
    Dustin Ng 1 months ago+941

    Couple grammys? Man! Eminem won 15 of them and he rap about it like he didn't care. I Respect to you Eminem, I will and always be your Stan

  • havoc moose
    havoc moose 1 months ago+844

    How can people enjoy mumble rap when this exists!?

  • Sven
    Sven 5 months ago+12667

    I showed these bars to 6ix9ine
    He behind them now

  • Thamelgaming
    Thamelgaming 7 days ago+473

    How else came back in august 2019

  • Xxx Cbe69
    Xxx Cbe69 4 days ago+20

    Eminem savage,cool,funny, simply the best

  • Lyon dex
    Lyon dex 21 days ago+601

    Dad : dang it we forgot a lighter
    Me: no problem
    Plays the song
    Forest fire

  • Chandan Kumar
    Chandan Kumar 14 days ago+104

    Eminem: hold on a minute
    Actually holds for exact 1 minute

  • Miguel Caldeira
    Miguel Caldeira 10 months ago+4948

    Eminem is clearly trying to save the good old rap. Lyrics with meaning, flow and doesn't even need girls n drugs on video clips.

  • luigi gamer
    luigi gamer 21 days ago+206

    I just find dabbing cringy now but seeing EM do it make me laugh

  • Phillip Seistrup Nielsen
    Phillip Seistrup Nielsen 7 days ago+113

    WHO back on this banger August 2019?

  • xLagNo _Wherex
    xLagNo _Wherex 1 months ago+618

    Who else comes back to this 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
    July 2019?!

  • Thiccman100
    Thiccman100 2 days ago+16

    I got an ad for stars and the venom movie was playing on the ad.

  • Kareem Majeens
    Kareem Majeens 11 months ago+21982

    If you can't beat Em...Joyn' Em.