OnePlus 7 Pro BEAST! Pop-up Camera & 90hz Madness!



  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  3 months ago+2050

    1 like = 1 tan for my camera man

  • futureskeletons
    futureskeletons 3 months ago+877

    Underated feature of the camera: FBI can't see you when it's inside the phone

  • Bayu Ardiansyah
    Bayu Ardiansyah 3 months ago+379

    One plus = new design same price
    Apple = same design new price

  • Aniket Garg
    Aniket Garg 3 months ago+344

    Apple would give us something like the OnePlus 7 Pro for like $2000. Fast Charger separate!

  • Angry HD
    Angry HD 3 months ago+252

    I’m an apple fan but this phone is fire 🔥All screen, no notch & 90 Hz refresh rate.

    RAKIB 2 months ago+173

    And XR is more expensive with a LCD display which is less then 1080p.
    Apparently that's budget

  • Danial Khan
    Danial Khan 3 months ago+99

    iPhone users begging for those features. "Please Apple give me this" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashwin Choupoo
    Ashwin Choupoo 3 months ago+188

    Apple : Our phones are butter smooth....
    OnePlus: Hold my beer!🍺

  • Zohaib Saqi
    Zohaib Saqi 3 days ago+4

    He still wants these features in apple instead of buying one plus..😅. Apple is really just to show off the logo

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 3 months ago+850

    Samsung: we made an all screen phone
    Oneplus: Hold my notch

  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama 3 months ago+73

    Girls on instagram: im about to end this mans whole career

  • Firas Obaidy
    Firas Obaidy 3 months ago+82

    It's funny how people beg apple to bring features that other phones already have lol.

  • Lakhvinder singh
    Lakhvinder singh 3 months ago+51

    Video:*internal screaming of applefanboi while urge to switch*

  • Shatadal Mandal
    Shatadal Mandal 3 months ago+76

    Your iPhone with the battery case is huge .....looks like almost a brick
    🤣🤣🤣🤣 compared to S10+ and 7 pro

  • Marcos Rodriguez
    Marcos Rodriguez 3 months ago+1357

    It’s like a race to see which tech YouTuber uploads a OnePlus 7 Pro video first. 😂

  • Ayouuubbb Akkari
    Ayouuubbb Akkari 1 months ago+12

    'Please apple give me this' .
    Okay in 2030

  • Luking Nasty
    Luking Nasty 3 days ago+1

    When apple goes under whats this guy gunna do loool

  • Bernardo Gaona
    Bernardo Gaona 2 months ago+35

    You know Apple fell off when a big Apple reviewing channel says "Apple will get here eventually" or "even Samsung doesn't have this". I think it's time for me to switch☹️

  • Dragos
    Dragos yesterday

    I mean I’d like the looks of ios and the simplism of ios on this thing. Then it’ll be beasssssttttt

  • Awol9
    Awol9 3 months ago+264

    Next vid: Switching to OnePlus 7 Pro
    One month later: I switched back to Apple because of the scrolling lag even though it's worse on the iPhone 😂