10 Signs Your Body Needs More Magnesium

  • Published on:  11/21/2018
  • Do you constantly feel tired, experience muscle spasms, and notice your eyes twitching? If so, there's a chance that your body is suffering from a magnesium deficiency. A magnesium deficiency can cause serious illness because too many processes in the body depend on it. That’s why you should stay alert and be able to spot a deficiency in time. So, what are some other symptoms of this condition and what can you do to feel better? Bright Side compiled a checklist of magnesium deficiency symptoms.

    To avoid magnesium deficiency in the future, decrease your consumption of alcohol, gluten, processed foods, and refined sugar. But before you proceed with any of this self-medication, make sure to consult your doctor first, get their permission, and follow their professional advice.

    Sugar cravings 0:45
    Muscle soreness and cramping 1:19
    Insomnia 1:56
    Bone problems 2:37
    Acid reflux 3:10
    Stress and apathy 3:39
    Constipation 4:26
    Fatigue 4:55
    Severe headaches 5:36
    High blood pressure 6:14
    Magnesium-rich foods 7:28


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    - A burning desire to eat something sweet shows a lack of important nutrients, including chromium and magnesium.
    - If you notice that you’ve started to experience muscle soreness and cramps regularly (and you haven’t been hitting the gym harder or anything), it could be your low magnesium levels to blame.
    - If you lack magnesium, it’s not surprising at all if you develop insomnia and sleep troubles. Plus, a magnesium deficiency is closely connected to muscle cramps, right? This combo can cause restless leg syndrome.
    - Low magnesium levels increase the risk of developing bone problems, especially fractures. And that’s because a low amount of magnesium reduces the level of calcium in your blood as well, making your bones a lot weaker.
    - Magnesium prevents the release of food and stomach acid into the esophagus. So if your system lacks it, this process reverses, allowing acid to enter the esophagus.
    - Insufficient magnesium basically equals anxiety and constant stress. And this is exactly why your depression may have nothing to do with your emotional side, it could be purely physical!
    - The reasons why you may have constipation can vary from stress to a serious under-consumption of fiber. And, of course, magnesium can be a cause of it too!
    - Persistent fatigue is a red flag you should always pay attention to. And here’s where magnesium could be the culprit.
    - If you lack vitamins A, B, C, and D, it can lead to frequent headaches that usually affect only one side of your head, depending on the vitamin you're lacking.
    - One study that was conducted by French researchers showed that magnesium deficiency increases blood pressure.
    - Including more of magnesium-rich foods in your diet will help your system recover in just a few weeks.

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