Sephora vs Ulta *first impression*

  • Published on:  9/30/2018
  • I have been anticipating this video for at least a month! I received my sephora order and was disappointed in the tarte palette, lost my motivation to film. then I watched the essence palette video and HAD TO HAVE IT so I place an ulta order and decided to film a verses video. but my ulta order got delayed and I had to wait an extra week!

    I have a 2nd ulta haul on the way! (I'll film it on my next day off) and a surprise make up delivery that I wasn't expecting! so much filming to do!

    Essence palette video-

    Jeffree glitter flip video- how does it look so good on him?!

    Tati glitter flip video- more accurate review, patchy, flakes off etc