I used the TALLEST SQUAD possible in nba 2k20 myteam.... (April)

  • Published on:  4/18/2020
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    I used the TALLEST SQUAD possible in nba 2k20 myteam.... In this video we do a squad builder in nba 2k20 myteam. this squad builder contains galaxy opal cards, pink diamond cards and diamond cards in nba 2k20 myteam. is a squad builder of the tallest players in nba 2k20 myteam. we then play a game of tto with the tallest squad possible.

    point guard pink diamond jokic
    pink diamond giannis
    pink diamond manute bol
    diamond nicolas batum
    galaxy opal hedo turkoglu
    emerald shawn bradley
    sapphire muresan
    galaxy opal mark eaton
    galaxy opal magic johnson
    galaxy opal ben simmons
    galaxy opal yao ming

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