Catch and Cook and Camp. Eating a Humongous Kelp Greenling

  • Published on:  9/30/2016
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    Went fishing today with the intention of doing a catch and cook video that turned into a camping trip as well. I used the freshest squid I could buy from the local fish market. Used a 2/0 hook with a treble stinger to target some kind of rock fish, cabezon or lingcod. Ended up hooking onto a large kelp greenling, aka Sea Trout. This was the largest greenling I've ever caught! Normally people catch these species from shore at around 10-12 inches. Wish I had my scale because the record sea trout is 3lbs. This guy was close.

    The wind picked up a lot and I couldn't fish anymore so I took out the pocket folding knife, pre-sharpened, and cut off some hearty fillets. Peeled the skin off before cutting the meat from the bone. The meal turned out great. Fire almost for extinguished by a rouge wave. At night I tried to use a 2-person Emergency Blanket aka space blanket to stay warm. Had plenty of fire wood to burn into the night.

    Next morning I tried to fish a little more before heading home but the waves and water was too rough.