I Challenged a NBA CENTER to 1v1 BASKETBALL and this happened...



  • Jesser
    Jesser  2 months ago+252

    Make sure to watch the video we did on Chris channel https://www.201tube.com/video/sD9_xwBw6oA/video.html

  • Icy Cobra
    Icy Cobra 3 days ago

    The coach said he trains jokoim noah doesn’t look like it paid of.😂😂😂

  • Joe Malone
    Joe Malone 4 days ago

    What’s the song in the beginning

  • daniel brod
    daniel brod 5 days ago

    Jesser you suck

  • Hoodie SZN
    Hoodie SZN 7 days ago

    How tf u slower than a center idc if he is in the nba or not

  • Robbie Copple
    Robbie Copple 8 days ago


  • Jakolbe Brown
    Jakolbe Brown 12 days ago

    Jesser dunked that first play but got dunked on

  • Jose Dias
    Jose Dias 12 days ago

    Definitely got worse watching this video...

  • rosh Galpa
    rosh Galpa 13 days ago

    JESSER ur so fucking trash all ur shots r flukes

  • Pranav Akadkar
    Pranav Akadkar 13 days ago

    Awesome vid, but man u gotta take less dribbles and be more explosive off ur first step if u don't wanna get that heavily contested

  • Vince Carter
    Vince Carter 15 days ago

    I know Eric is half assing this whole game but I wonder what the score would be if he were to play seriously. Maybe 21 - 2? Fuck. Imagine playing Kobe one on one. You wouldn't even be able to touch the ball or get a shot off.

  • XxNova Zayn
    XxNova Zayn 16 days ago

    When u play ur older brother on 8 foot rims

  • Emanuel Shalom
    Emanuel Shalom 16 days ago

    what is his height?

  • Benz Yos
    Benz Yos 16 days ago

    Jesser is better than this bench guy his trash

  • Jerzey1010
    Jerzey1010 16 days ago+1

    Jesser I love how the Basketball 🏀 net change is

  • CreateMyPlayer
    CreateMyPlayer 16 days ago

    How u lose against the worst nba player? 🤦‍♂️

  • Ball is LIfe
    Ball is LIfe 17 days ago+1

    This center can't shoot for shit
    Only reason he in NBA is cuz he big af and can push people around under the rim and get rebounds. If you take a more or less good shooter and the center is not allowed to drive to the basket all the time it's an easy win

  • Nick Neary
    Nick Neary 17 days ago

    Erics shorts high key heat

  • TheSupremeCheese 101
    TheSupremeCheese 101 17 days ago+1

    When you first find out Jesser can dunk

  • Zac Gan
    Zac Gan 17 days ago

    i mean he is good but he doesnt look like hes NBA good....